Company Updates

A record number of business owners for Travel Counsellors

Our global franchise community has surpassed the 2,000 mark, indicating our remarkable growth. As of 2023, we've witnessed a 30% YoY increase with over 300 new business owners joining us, and in November alone, Travel Counsellors UK had an intake of 20 recruits at their Travel Academy.

Additionally, we've expanded our community of corporate travel professionals at Travel Counsellors for Business, with 25 new corporate franchisees onboarded.

Matt Harding, Director of Franchise Sales, Travel Counsellors, said: “We’re absolutely thrilled to have grown our Travel Counsellor community to more than 2,000. Our growth is fuelled by our industry-leading offering consisting of training and development for those with and without travel experience (UK only) and the use of our bespoke technology platform Phenix, which enables business owners to offer a truly personalised service and create tailor-made travel itineraries. To continue achieving record growth in 2024 and beyond, we are focused on recruiting the highest calibre talent for both leisure and business travel who share our core values.”

Here at Travel Counsellors, our business owners have the opportunity to work across both leisure and corporate travel if they wish – giving them the chance to boost their earnings and even collaborate with other business owners. One franchisee who is scaling her business by doing this is Leanne Rudd, who also joined us in October. Leanne said: “I’ve worked in the travel industry my entire career and travel is a long-held passion of mine. I’m looking forward to bringing years of industry knowledge and experience to my role at Travel Counsellors. I’m also excited to get to know my clients and will be focused on providing them with quality personalised and tailor-made service. The support I have received from Travel Counsellors so far has been invaluable and played a big part in my recent sales achievements.”

Are you a seasoned professional in the travel industry with a desire to own and manage your own travel business? We're would love to connect with you. We provide 24/7 support, flexibiliy, customised training, and unlimited earning potential. We handle all aspects of the business, working closely with you to meet your objectives and ensure a secure future. If you're interested in discovering more about Travel Counsellors, give us a call or join one of our Discovery events to learn more.