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At Travel Counsellors, we’re focused on recovery, and we have the right support network, resilience and determination to build a brighter future together. Now is the time to build back up and look forward, knowing that you have the support of a caring community of people that can help you achieve your goals and be the very best that you can be.

When is the best time to start a business?

"The worst time is the best time when people are feeling down and despondent when an industry is often overtraded and lacks innovation and lacks self-confidence. For a new business owner to come in with a model that offers innovation is the perfect opportunity to unlock an industry. It is far better to own a small part of something extraordinary than a large part of something ordinary" Mike Able, Founder & Chief Executive of Saatchi Abel

With the Full support of the global leader in travel homeworking


Is the pressure of the high targets, working weekends, ADM’s and restrictive company policies stealing your love of travel? We will give you everything you need to build a client base and set up a successful business.


Is your host company helping your business grow or are they competing with you? We provide the technology, 24/7 support and the tools to grow your business, and we don’t own bricks and mortar stores or call centres - so we don’t earn a cent unless you do.


Are high overhead costs, IATA bonding, ADM’s and staff issues giving you a headache? Start your own home-based travel business as a Travel Counsellor and we will remove the risks and hassle of owning or managing an agency.

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It’s a big decision to start your own travel business, that’s why we’re on hand to help you.

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