Debby Partner celebrates 13 years as a TC

We chat with Debby Partner, a Travel Counsellor from Edenvale, on the anniversary of her 13th year with Travel Counsellors.

Debby Partner with a strong background in retail travel, started her franchise travel business so that she could spend more time with her children. She made the decision after realising that her small boys needed extra help at school as they had learning difficulties.

Travel Counsellors gave her the work-life balance she was looking for. She could support her boys through their school careers while building a business.

“I would be able to service my clients and also be there for my boys and be able to help them through their schooling careers.”

Work-Life Balance

Debby has pursued her vision of work-life balance with two clear objectives. She explains, “My non-negotiables are to be able to be there for my boys when they are ill, and also, be there for my clients when they need me too.”

Work from Anywhere

Reflecting on her time as a Travel Counsellor, she says the “absolute best thing” about being a TC is that she can work from anywhere. As she’s not tied to a desk, she can work her own hours from the side of a rugby field or a tennis court!

Support from team members and the community

Community is not just a buzzword at Travel Counsellors. Our TCs live it and experience it every day. Debby explains that her community and her team have been her lifesavers. Her TC buddies have become her good friends, always there when she needs them.

TC Teams

More and more TCs are working in teams, collaborating on bookings, sharing responsibilities, and providing backup. Debby has just joined a team and is excited about the possibilities for her business.

Contact Debby Partner through her Travel Counsellors webpage and her Facebook page.

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