Design travel the easy way with TC Journeys

During our annual global conference last year, we announced something that would revolutionise how our Travel Counsellors meet their clients’ needs – allowing them to work more efficiently to manage enquiries and get those all-important bookings over the line.

Now, we’re pleased to have launched TC Journeys. Built into our existing Phenix platform, TC Journeys significantly reduces the time and effort needed to research and create complex, multi-centre itineraries – making being a reputable travel advisor a whole lot easier!

What is TC Journeys?

Simply put, TC Journeys is the future of itinerary creation. It’s part of the R360m investment we’re making in our tech this year.

As a Travel Counsellor you can browse a wide range of curated itineraries to incredible destinations all around the world. If you see something that fits what your customer is looking for, you can quickly re-check and re-price based on their preferred travel dates. Plus, if a particular part of the itinerary isn’t quite right for your customers’ needs, you can tailor it for them.

This streamlined approach allows you to craft inspirational quotes that are tailored to your customers' needs at a much faster pace. Search by location, then use the handy filters to narrow down based on category, duration, and price.

Gone are the days when you need to set aside a few hours to research and put together the right itinerary. Instead, you can have something ready to send over to your customers in a matter of minutes! Just imagine how much time you'll have to focus on building new relationships and growing your business. By being empowered to work more efficiently, you’ll be able to provide an even greater level of care and service for your customers.

Leveraging the strength and power of our community

TC Journeys taps into the unrivalled expertise of our 2,000+ strong community, as many of the pre-loaded itineraries have been created by our franchisees. This allows our business owners to draw on the knowledge of fellow Travel Counsellors who might be experts in a particular destination, product, or market.

When you come on board as a Travel Counsellor, you’ll also be able to use TC Journeys to create itineraries for other business owners to use. After all, sharing is caring!

What sets us apart from the competition is our continuous investment in our tech. It enables our franchisees to be their best and provide the outstanding levels of customer care that we’re known for. Are you ready to join a franchise where you’ll have access to the best tools in the industry? Then look no further than Travel Counsellors. Enquire today and you could be running your own business in no time!

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