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Discover how Amanda has gone from feeling happy to having found contentment

Meet Amanda. She is an animal lover and has 10 furry kids now. They are all rescued animals from the SPCA in Richmond. Amanda loves reading, quilting, scrap booking, crochet along with many other crafty activities

What is your background and where did you work before becoming a Travel Counsellor?

I began my career at Rennies Travel as a trainee and worked there for about 10 years. I took a break from travel and worked on Touchstone Game Ranch in the Waterberg area for a year. I helped in their marketing team and in the office. But I missed the travel, so I returned to Durban and worked at Nedtravel. This became American Express Travel. I got married and moved to Pietermaritzburg. I worked for Sure Destinations Travel. I then put all my working experience to good use and became a franchisee of Travel Counsellors.

What prompted you to explore Travel Counsellors? Many of my colleagues were leaving the agency. They were leaving due to the pressure of midnight calls, plus the abuse from some of the corporate travellers.

It was then that I started thinking of working from home. The comute was also starting to get to me as I lived 1 hours’ drive from Pietermaritzburg. I always felt that my work was benefitting someone else, now I benefit the rewards of my hard work.

I have travelled to many lovely places, Galletting in Turkey,

  • Malaysia
  • Thailand - I loved Bangkok
  • Singapore
  • Mauritius and the Seychelles 'the best island ever'
  • Australia and the Great Barrier reef
  • Europe - UK and I have done two Disney Euro Disney
  • Disney world …This was one of my favourite educational’s
  • Cruising on P&O, Marco Polo, Royal Caribbean and MSC.

What’s on your bucket list? I would love to visit China and Hong Kong and to do an Alaskan cruise.

What do you love about being a TC? Becoming a Travel Counsellor has meant that I work for myself. It was reassuring for me to know that I was close to my mom, should she have ever needed me. I love that I can create my own working space that is quiet and without distractions.

What attracted you to the Travel Counsellors model? I felt that the company would provide me with everything that I needed. Their systems and operational procedures protected both myself and my clients.

What advancements in the business, stand out to you over the last 10 years? I love Phenix (our booking platform) I love the training that the company provide me with.

What do you love most about working in the travel industry? No day is ever the same! I love sending my customers on wonderful holidays and seeing their dreams come true. For other clients I help them to visit their kids who are living in other countries.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be and why? China and Hong Kong and USA – China because I have not seen that part before and USA – there is still so much to see there.

What does your future without limits look like? This would be a balanced life style. Continuing doing this job that I love and making money from my own happy environment.

What do you think that your customers most appreciate about you being a TC? They love the excellent service that I provide them with. They love that I’m part of a reputable brand, that has an outstanding track record, in caring for customers.

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