Earn more, create the perfect holiday and future-proof your business by using Phenix

Using our integrated booking platform, Phenix, means Travel Counsellors can act as a tour operator to tailor-make travel itineraries to delight their customers.

Phenix is constantly being refined and updated to meet the evolving needs of Travel Counsellors and it’s one of the things our franchisees tell us that they love most about running their own travel businesses with us. Here’s why:

Higher earnings

Packaging and bonding a tailor-made holiday or business trip yourself using Phenix means you can by-pass the fixed low commissions paid by third parties for an-off-the shelf holiday.

Using Phenix, you can apply your own margin whilst creating a bespoke, tailor-made travel experience to delight your client at the same time.


By booking through Phenix, Travel Counsellors act as a tour operator, as opposed to a travel agent.

This means you are becoming more self-sufficient and less reliant on third parties who could choose to cut out the agent and start selling directly to customers.


Travel Counsellors repeatedly report that they can do more bookings in less time using Phenix than with the operating systems they have used in their previous travel roles – vital when you’re running your own business!

Plus, if you’re doing it yourself as opposed to using a third party, you don’t have to rely on their opening hours to confirm a booking (or make changes).


Gone are the days of only being able to sell selected products or certain destinations and instead you can tailor-make the holiday you know your customers would really love.

Phenix allows you to select from thousands of hotels, low cost airlines, excursions, transfers and other ancillary products all in one place, instead of checking through multiple systems and browsers, frantically trying to navigate between them.

We always encourage Travel Counsellors to sell what is right for the customer, so sometimes you do need to use third party suppliers and we have great commercial rates with plenty of them.


Once you’ve put together a tailor-made itinerary, the same platform will immediately send a slick, detailed and personalised quote directly to your client via email or the integrated MyTC app.

This means a tailor-made quotation is in the palm of your customer’s hands - together with your all-important contact details - within seconds.

Using DMCs - Destination Management Companies

Within Phenix you can also draw on the expertise of our local specialist partners, or DMCs.

We work with over 30 hand-picked, expert DMC partners around the world.

Ros de la Hunt, explains: “Working with DMCs has made a massive difference to my business. They understand the product and how to look after clients; it’s a no-brainer. I can’t think of any situation where I’d go to another tour operator for an off-the-shelf product at a low commission, rather than a specialist DMC partner where I can tailor the experience and make a far better commission.”

Tailor-making the perfect itinerary and making your customers dreams come true is one of the perks that make a job in tour operating so rewarding.

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