Educationals are back

Educationals are the perfect opportunity to experience a destination first-hand. Customers also love to hear recommendations, tips and suggestions from a trusted travel professional who has experience firsthand too.

Opportunities that have come around are agents specials onboard MSC's cruise ship, a European Cruise on NCL Cruise Lines where we have many TCs heading off in May, there has been a few World Leisure Holidays educational trips to Mauritius, a local experience in KZN and a trip to France with the French Tourism to name just a few.

Let’s hear firsthand from our Travel Counsellors more about their experience.

Kirsty has recently returned from a trip to Mauritius with World Leisure Holidays

So Mauritius, So Delicious!

"Educationals are back in full swing, and what better way to get used to the new ‘normal’ when it comes to travel than by a visit to the white sandy beaches of Mauritius.

To see all the familiar faces who have welcomed us many times in the past at these beautiful hotels, and to see how excited and ready they are to welcome everyone back is inspiring. I can’t wait for my clients to be showing their boarding passes, and secure their spot at the beach!" Kirsty Fourie, Travel Counsellor

Debby has just returned from a trip to France with the French Tourist Board

What I most loved about my trip to France.

“Travelling to France has reignited my love of travel, it has reminded me of my WHY, and has inspired me to relook at my dream of becoming a France destination expert. Knowing that I had a Travel Counsellor Buddy looking after my business allowed me to immerse myself in the experiences without worrying that I was offline for the most part and unavailable to my clients.”

Why I find educationals so valuable

“Strangely, for my many years in travel, this was my first educational so being fortunate enough to experience a country I love with other Francophile’s, experts and locals was very rewarding. When you have travelled to a country and tasted the food, travelled the roads, trains and planes, stayed in the out of the way places, and interacted with locals your perception of that place is miles apart from only reading about it. Having made those connections and experiences injects excitement and passion and that comes across when offering the destination to your clients. Being able to guide my clients with tips and secret locations is a bonus.” Debby Apetauer, Travel Counsellor

Kerith has just returned from a trip to France with the French Tourist Board

Why do you find educationals so valuable?

I love having the opportunity to meet suppliers on the ground, see what is on offer and experience first-hand what the client will experience. Especially given all the covid requirements in each country, it is so valuable to go through the experience of travelling again in order to explain this to clients. It’s also always much better to understand a destination or hotel if you have seen it yourself and can determine what works best for each client.

What did you most love about your experience in France

Seeing the smallest villages and areas off-the-beaten path and trying out experiences that I would never have thought of including for clients – like chocolate making with a local chef and e-bike touring through the vineyards of a small winegrowing area. Kerith Hulme, Travel Counsellor

Educationals are just one of the benefits that our Travel Counsellors get to enjoy. Working for themselves allows them the opportunity to decide if the time is right for them, they have the choice to work while they go or to opt from 160+ other Travel Counsellors who will step in to look after their business while they are away. If you would like to learn more about becoming a Travel Counsellor then please get in touch with us.

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