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From fed-up to now fulfilled

I was working for a large retail agency was was becoming more and more frustrated by the long hours. I measured what I had to put in versus the money in the bank and it didn't seem worth it. I lost my passion for travel and left the industry and pursued different interests.

By chance - I met a Travel Counsellor and she told me that she had both freedom and flexibility in her life. She was loving being her own boss and in control of her earnings and being able to make her own decisions.

Hearing this brought back my passion for travel and I knew that I wanted to go back into travel again. Thea joined in November 2012 and has celebrated her 6th anniversary. Her business is on the increase and she is loving what she is doing.

Whilst Thea was in our studio we asked her a few questions; She tells us about the support, technology & marketing that she has access to She tells us what her clients love most about her being a TC She tells us how she went about growing her client base She tells us what is on her personal bucket list and a little bit about herself She shares what she believes her future without limits looks like

Thea gives us some insight into her decision to become a Travel Counsellor

As a Travel Counsellor you can help make your customers travel dreams come true. And, you can fulfill your own personal dreams to run your own business. It's the best of both worlds...

If you too can related to Thea's story then get in touch and we would love to show you how we can change your life for the better.

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