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From Retrenched to a Travel Business Owner

Meet Janis who is passionate about the travel industry. Covid hit and she sadly found hereself retrenched but still had clients asking for help. This made her realise that travel is what she wanted to do. Janis decided that January 2022 was the right time to pursue her dream of having my own travel business.

We caught up with Janis to discover more of her journey to working in travel to now starting her own travel business.

How did you get into travel?

I completed my Tourism studies and then travelled abroad as an Aupair. On my return, I started working in the travel industry as a travel consultant. I then worked for an airline as a customer service agent but then realised that working with the clients directly was more for me. Up until recently, I was working as a travel consultant in a local agency, but when covid hit, I was sadly retrenched. With all my travel experience and knowledge, and after the worst of covid, I decided to pursue my dream and continue my career in travel and to start my own travel franchise with Travel Counsellors. I still have clients asking me for help and assistance, and it made me realise that this is where I need to be. I just knew this is what I want to do.

What will becoming a Travel Counsellor mean to you?

I am so excited to be joining the TC family and I know that I will never be alone.

I love that I will be able to assist my clients in the best way possible. will be able to offer them more flexible times.

I will be able to enjoy a good work-life balance whilst being able to work from anywhere in the world.

I am looking forward to the freedom to do what I love most all the while being supported by an amazing support team.

The world is constantly changing, and I believe that Covid has taught us a huge lesson.

It has always been a dream to work for myself, and I am so privileged to now do this. Travel is what I love most and am most passionate about. I am so excited about this adventure.

What do you love most about working in the travel industry?

Everything, I love planning and admin. I love how excited clients are when they come through to you with their holiday plans. The industry is just amazing, and everyone in it is also so passionate and supportive.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

I don't have a favourite destination, I believe every country has their own unique experiences. If I had to choose a warm destination, I would choose Greece, I have not been there but my husband and I are fascinated with Greek Mythology, we would love to do the Island hopping. If I had to choose a cooler destination, Iceland is a bucket list destination. I would love to travel around the entire world, for all different reasons.

Are you passionate about working in the travel industry? Perhaps you can relate to Janis's journey from falling in love with the travel industry to having covid turn this upside down, to now having the opportunity of starting her own business. We would love to chat with you so please get in touch.

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