How do you take your business to the next level?

When travel agents partner with Travel Counsellors to start their own travel business, they decide where they want to take their business to. Travel Counsellors don’t have sales targets to chase. Most chose to partner with Travel Counsellors as we give them the very best support, tools and chance of establishing a successful business.

We believe in a future without limits! Our Top Travel Counsellors are called Gold Travel Counsellors – they have established exceptional businesses and hit the big numbers.

It is the ambition of many TC’s to reach Gold Status. Marc de Jager is a Business Development Coach. His role is to work with Travel Counsellors to help them to grow their business. Marc delivered a training programme called 'Going for Gold' to Travel Counsellors who have the ambition & potential to reach Gold.

Starting with your 'WHY'

Marc looked at what achieving Gold would mean for each Travel Counsellor. Success looks different to each person. But it is the personal motivator for each person and their reason for why they are doing what they are doing.

What Success looks like to our TC's:

  • For one it is knowing that they are at the top of their game
  • To another it is earning more, to put their kids through University
  • To another it is the ability to take their family on an overseas holiday each year
  • And to another it is the reality of being able to build their dream house.

Two Gold Travel Counsellors shared with the group what being Gold meant to them. They also shared practical tips on what they do to maintain this Gold status.

The next part of the day we looked at our HOW.

For many of our TCs this is a big eye opener! The common realization is they focus on servicing customers with little thought on business planning. Marc showed them how to use their data insights, customer booking patterns, their commercial mix. He also showeed the key performance indicators that show their current and future success. He showed how they can increase their productivity by working smarter.

A delicious lunch break was enjoyed by everyone. It was then back to business. Marc shared results from a global survey that was done with Travel Counsellors customers. It is important that our TCs know what their customers expect and what they want from them. This enables them to deliver an exceptional customer service.

We looked at our latest technology enhancement, our myTC App. This has been a game changer and our customers love it. This was a reminder of the value and importance of this tool and how it is imporant that each TC offers it to their customer.

The day was concluded by each TC completing a business plan for a 12-month period. Marc sets up regular review meetings with each TCs to work with them to help them to achieve their goals.

It's an exciting journey being a Travel Counsellor. We believe in a future without limits and we are here to support each person to reach their goals and potential. If you would like to be part of this journey, then we would love to chat to you.

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