How much can a Travel Counsellor earn?

As a Travel Counsellor, your earning potential is unlimited. This is all thanks to our in-house booking platform, Phenix.

Read on to find out how it works, and how it can work for you. Our integrated booking platform, Phenix, is one of the things our franchisees tell us that they love most about running their own travel businesses with us. Phenix allows Travel Counsellors to act as a tour operator to tailor-make travel itineraries to delight their customers.

So, how does Phenix increase your earning potential?

The beauty of Phenix means, because you create and control the booking, you can flex the margin applied. Typically, by using a third-party supplier, you’re restricted to the fixed margin they offer.


By giving you control of the margin, you can find a price point that suits your clients and values the time and expertise you bring to the booking. Phenix is home to every component a customer could ever want. And bespoke, tailor-made travel experiences = very happy customers. And very happy customers = repeat bookings!

Finally, Travel Counsellors repeatedly report that they can do more bookings in less time using Phenix than with other operating systems.

Plus, if you’re doing it yourself as opposed to using a third party, you don’t have to rely on their opening hours to make or amend a booking, meaning you have more time in the day to make more bookings.

Thanks to Phenix, 12% of our Travel Counsellors globally are ‘Gold’, meaning they have reached our top sales target. It’s a target for franchisees to work towards, however we encourage Travel Counsellors to set their own goals too, whatever those may be. There are currently 201 Gold TC’s globally. Meet Kerith our newest Gold Travel Counsellor in South Africa.

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