How our technology supports you

We’re a proud technology-enabled travel business that invests over R160 million in technology globally. Our best-in-class integrated technology and innovation helps you out-perform your competition, provide your customers with the best travel solutions, and maximise your earning potential.

Although our business model creates an environment for top travel professionals like yourself to provide the best service for every customer, every time, we believe technology can never replace the personal touch and care that our TCs are known for.

"Over the past 12 months alone we have invested £6 million in our global technology, adding new functionality to our myTC mobile app and secure customer website and continuing the development of our in-house booking platform, Phenix." John Bauer, CTO


Our in-house travel booking system, Phenix is an easy-to-use, integrated system that allows you to personalise experiences for customers - fast.

myTC App

With our myTC mobile app your clients have easy access to you, their quotes, itineraries, and travel documentation. The myTC app is integrated with our booking system, and changes in Phenix immediately reflect in the myTC app. No matter where your client travels to, you’ll only be a touch of a button away.

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Discover, our e-learning system

Learn where and when you want with an astonishing range of interactive videos and training courses from product and destination knowledge to social media and ‘how to’ guides, all available on Discover.

Brand Hub

Our brand hub is a one-stop destination for our brand and anything marketing. This is where our brand guidelines are housed, where TCs can access our media libraries, marketing documents, marketing plans, campaign assets and much more. What you’ll love most about our brand hub is that you have access to social media and collateral templates that can be easily personalised and quickly downloaded, ready for use.

The Contact Centre

Our customer database and analytics tool allows you to understand your customer so that you can offer them personalised travel solutions. It enables you to manage your customer records, segment and create marketing lists, and create and send your own marketing communication.

Microsoft Office

Every TC receives access to the full Microsoft Office suite with their laptop along with free personalised email stationery.


When you join TC, you’ll have access to Galileo with a free conversion course offered if you’re used to working on Amadeus.

Travelport Mobile Agent, free to Travel Counsellors, is a mobile app that provides access to Galileo from your smartphone or tablet. Travelport Mobile Agent gives you full mobility and the peace of mind that you will be able to assist your clients no matter where you are.

Travelport Rapid Re-price, free to Travel Counsellors, automates the complex, time-consuming itinerary re-pricing function.

TC World

TC World gives you instant access to invaluable local knowledge and the experience of more than 1,900 Travel Counsellors around the globe.

“Our community hub is where we come together to collaborate, share ideas, get advice or just chat. It’s the heart of our business and brings TCs together from across the globe!” Marc de Jager, Business Development Manager

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