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How to achieve your Wildest Dreams!

Lee den Hond was a special guest speaker at our South African Conference in May 2019. Last week, Lee visited our head office in Manchester and shared her story across the Travel Counsellors community. Lee's story is an inspiring one...

Determined to reach the top of the world, today Lee holds the title of 3rd South African women to summit Everest. Motivated by sheer determination and ambition, and the desire to build a children’s centre for the Schaumburg Community. Today she is the founder of the NGO Field of Dreams Charity.

Lee is an optimist who draws from her own experiences to support her belief that* “nothing is impossible!” *She inspires others to achieve and maintain success through vision, grit, passion and a sense of purpose.

Lee's journey up Everest draws many parallels with travel professionals who are on a similar journey of starting their own travel business...

  • Do I have the ambition to want to run my own business?
  • What do I want out of running my own business? (Is it increased earnings, a better work-life balance, freedom, flexibility, rewards, recognition...)
  • Will I make a success of it?
  • Who is the best ITC partner to join with?
  • Which ITC partner will give me the greatest chance of success?
  • Who caries the risk - me or my ITC partner?
  • Will the ITC company protect my customers?
  • Like a shirpa navigates climbers. Will the ITC partner navigate you around things that you can't prepare for? (Things like the volatility of our economy, new laws like POPI, data protection and PCI compliance and the list goes on?
  • What support will I get?
  • How much will the host company reinvest back into my buiness, to ensure my success?

Travel Counsellors doesn't make money until our TC's make money. It is in our interest to ensure that every Travel Counsellor is successful. We want every Travel Counsellor to build a scaleable business and this is the reason why we are seeing double digit growth year on year. We invest back into our Travel Counsellors businesses to protect and ensure their success. Last year alone we invested more than R6 million in technology alone. This outs our TCs on the cutting edge of technology and in a strong position to win new business.

Would you like to explore your journey in starting your own travel business? If you would like to find out more about choosing Travel Counsellors to be your partner, then we would love to chat to you.

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