How to compare ITC models.

How do other ITC models measure up against what we offer? It's hard to understand exactly what the support will be like before you sign up. That's why we've compiled a list of ways we support you and your business. Use this list to compare what other home-based travel companies offer.

It will make it easier to decide which company will give you the best chance at success.

All of the following is included in our commission split, with no hidden costs.



One of our priorities is to encourage a sense of community amongst our Travel Counsellors and support teams worldwide, so no one feels isolated.

  • Travel Counsellors Television (TCTV) broadcasted weekly
  • Personal Counselling service
  • Community chat
  • Company awards, events, and recognition for top achievers
  • Annual local and international conference for Travel Counsellors
  • Fully expensed Gold Conference trip for top performers
  • Friendship and advice across the TC World (UK, Ireland, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Netherlands, Belgium, and South Africa)
  • Regular supplier training mornings

Start-up and general support

We ensure that your initial weeks as a Travel Counsellor run as smoothly as possible so that you can concentrate on and enjoy making your first bookings.

  • A franchise which you can sell on in the future if you wish
  • New Starter Training program
  • Start-up marketing materials pack
  • Start-up pack of personalised stationery
  • Direct contact with any member of the 400-strong support team
  • Pre-arranged supplier sign-in codes for each TC
  • IATA licence
  • BEE Accreditation (we currently have a level 4 B-BBEE Accreditation)
  • ASATA Membership
  • Financial Protection Plan for your clients when they book with approved suppliers
  • 24-Hour emergency helpdesk
  • Global monitoring of events that could impact your business and your customers’ bookings

Administration and ticketing

As a Travel Counsellor, your priority will be your customers. We take away the stress of administration so that you can focus on providing excellent service.

  • 24/7 Robotic Ticketing
  • A Ticketing and Fares helpdesk
  • We take full ADM responsibility for all head office-issued tickets
  • A dedicated emergency Out-of-Hours ticketing service
  • Use of our Phenix Retail accounting system
  • Supplier payments
  • Customer payments
  • Client statements
  • Supplier commissions
  • Processing of refunds
  • Customer complaints
  • BSP Reconciliation

Virgin Voyages Trip


Travel Counsellors’ standing in the industry ensures highly competitive commission levels and the latest tactical deals negotiated by our Commercial team.

  • Approved list of suppliers
  • Access to IT Fares, Corporate Fares, and Private Fares
  • Commercial agreements with a large network of suppliers

Marketing and PR

The marketing team produces high-quality marketing materials to allow you to promote your business on digital platforms and at networking events, exhibitions, and fairs.

  • Personalised leisure travel website featuring your travel blogs, customer testimonials, and offers
  • Personalised business travel website
  • Innovating Brand Hub with an industry-leading option to personalise a wide range of templates
  • Wide range of marketing materials, including posters, A4 leaflets, greeting cards, and more
  • Contact Centre that stores all your client details and allows you to segment and track your customers
  • Customised destinations guides
  • Weekly email offers sent to your customers on your behalf
  • Holiday offers on the Travel Counsellors website to attract new clients
  • Reporting tools such as Google Analytics and Insights to track customer engagement
  • Advice and support on digital marketing
  • Business Travel Presentation Kit: (Business Travel Management Proposals, SLA Agreements, business travel policies, Management fee proposals, Business Travel PowerPoint templates)
  • Branded travel gifts
  • Honeymoon gift registry service
  • Travel Gift vouchers



Travel Counsellors’ award-winning technology makes life easier for our TCs. From a comprehensive, easy-to-use dynamic packaging system to webcams connecting you to all Travel Counsellors and head office staff worldwide.

  • Phenix, our dynamic packaging quote system, saves you time and makes you more competitive.
  • Fully loaded Laptop
  • Maintenance and replacement of your equipment, if needed
  • Microsoft Office package
  • TC email and personalised TC branded email stationery
  • GDS Access to Galileo
  • Travelport Mobile Agent
  • Travelport Rapid Re-price
  • 24/7 IT and Ticketing Support offering technical support and a dedicated out-of-hours service
  • Phenix Retail, our custom-built system for 24/7 online payment and vouchering
  • Exclusive intranet system and virtual private network (VPN), which ensures high-speed performance on all our systems and includes the latest offers, advice, company information, and training courses
  • myTC travel app for your customers

za - Sales training

Sales, Training and Performance

At Travel Counsellors, we have a proven system of success that will enable you to build a thriving business. As part of our support, we offer you many opportunities for self-improvement.

  • Daily personal performance stats, including sales, margins, customer service score, and repeat business
  • Dedicated Business Development Team to help you build your business
  • Development program including dedicated webcasts
  • Marketing, product, and business skills refresher programs
  • Corporate Travel, product and sales skills support and training
  • Business Travel account tendering and pitching
  • E-learning training platform, Discover
  • Sales incentives to grow your business
  • Educationals and Fam trips
  • Regular training roadshows around the country