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I achieved all this in less than 1 year of starting my own travel franchise with Travel Counsellors

Karin joined Travel Counsellors in December 2017 so she is coming up to her first year anniversary. When Karin joined she really had to start building her business from scratch.

Karin in just a short year has had some incredible highlights

  • Completing her 5 day induction and starting her own travel business.
  • She participated in an accelerator team challenge and the winning team (which she was part of) won a trip to Mauritius in July.
  • In October 2018, Karin set up a cycling expo which was a great success in using her passion and love for both travel and cycling, to grow her business.
  • She also earned a place to Glasgow to attend Travel Counsellors Global Conference (9th - 11th of November 2018.)
  • Plus she got to meet & have her photo taken with Sir Chris Hoy, who is a world-class athlete and who was the guest speaker at Conferene.

Karin recently popped into the office and we did a short Q&A with her. Take a listen to what she had to say.

Meet Karin Livingstone a Travel Counsellor. She explains her background in travel before she started her own travel business as well as the reasons why she joined Travel Counsellors.

Karin describes her experience in starting her own travel business? Her previous role was a support role so she had a zero client base. Looking back she shares some of her highlights from this experience

Karin tells us what she loves most about being a Travel Counsellor. She describes the tools that she absolutely loves…

Karin shares her advice and top tips to travel agents who are thinking of starting their own travel business.

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