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I have the best of both worlds! Being there for my family when they need me the most means the world to me

When things go wrong and you see your little boy in pain it just breaks your heart. My son broke his arm and off we went to the emergency room. This is the second time that he has broken his arm. He ended up going into theatre and overnighted.

Being a Travel Counsellor means that I have freedom and flexibility in my life, and this meant that I could stay at the hospital. Had I been working for a boss; I would have had to have called in and got permission to be off work. There would always have been that risk that my boss, could say I needed to come in to working leaving my baby boy at the hospital all alone.

Having my own time and being free to decide is perfect for me and gives my husband peace of mind too. He can go to work knowing that everything is at hand. During this time, I didn't miss out on anything. I could focus on my boy and making sure that he was comfortable and still be there for my clients. Travel Counsellors give me access to incredible systems which means that I can work from anywhere. It was my choice to work next to my baby boy in hospital or to ask my TC buddy to step in and to take care of any urgent bookings.

It is in moments like these that I value being a Travel Counsellor. You can't put a price on it and I am so pleased that I made the decision to go it alone with the best support company ever. I love being my own boss and am so proud of my achievements in scaling my business. I have also made the most incredible friendships. I love the fact that I am never on my own and I have a whole TC community right at my fingertips.

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