I'm ready for when the world of travel reopens, are you?

Working in the travel industry over the last 15+ months has been a challenge is not an understatement. As a result, so much has changed.

Whilst this time has been stressful for travel professionals it has also created a pent-up demand for the need for the customer to use a trusted travel professional.

Staying up to date with the government rules and regulations within South Africa and across the globe, as well as suppliers policies and procedures, as well as what is important to customers and understanding how travel has changed is paramount to the survival of any travel business.

Chantel has embraced this time! She is loving the online training sessions learning all about TIC Travel Insurance to MSC Cruises training. Travel insurance with the understanding of what customers are and aren't covered for is so important.

Whilst covid-19 has brought many challenges it has also brought many opportunities. And we have seen just how important support from your host company has been. For many agents, it's been a make-it or break-it moment.

Here are just some of the ways that we have helped our franchisees

  • Training, Training, Training and more training... Helping everyone to understand what has changed and what it is that customers want.

  • Elevating & building a really strong TC Community. Giving opportunities to share ideas & knowledge, as well as building social connections.

  • We have shown TCs how to re-invent their businesses. Highlighting new opportunities and showing them the 'how to.'

  • Wellness Hub: We have offered Personal support from TCs having access to a personal counsellor, to mental health info, there is a range of support initiatives and resources in place to help our TCs.

Are you like Chantel ready to do business? Do you have the support and all the tools to win business in this current climate and are you ready for when the international world of travel reopens? We invite you to attend an online demo and to learn more about starting your own travel business. We don't expect you to have all the know-how and we will teach you and show you what you need to do for this current environment. Now more than ever before who you partner with will have a profound impact on your future success. We invite you to explore Travel Counsellors.

Interested in becoming a Travel Counsellor?

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