International Women’s Day champions the theme Balance for Better

*International Women’s Day (IWD) occurs on 8th March every year. It is a day dedicated to celebrating the achievements of women. *

The 2019, International Women’s Day is leading with the theme # #BalanceforBetter. Travel Counsellors invites you to be bold and to make the change. Change the way you work and bring balance to your life.

For the part 25 years Travel Counsellors has empowered women (and men) to run their own travel businesses. We have over 1,800 franchisees globally, of which 70% are women and over three quarters of them have children.

Becoming a Travel Counsellor means our agents have freedom and flexibility in their life. They can do the things that are important to them. They reap the rewards from their efforts. We are proud that our business model supports a better work-life balance.

###We have changed Travel Counsellors lives for the better...take a look at some of the stories.

“As a Travel Counsellor I am living a life most mothers wish for. Travel Counsellors has given me the opportunity to be there for my family and kids. This is priceless. It gives me joy every month end when I look at what my efforts are bringing to the table. I am so grateful for this opportunity.” Mbali Skosana, Travel Counsellor for 7 years

“I couldn't be who I am today without having joined Travel Counsellors. It has allowed me to become a business woman, a wife and mother without having to compromise my time for either.” Tamarin Seymour, Travel Counsellor for 9 years

“I am making my own dreams come true through my hard work. I get to do what I love whilst being there with my kids. I couldn’t imagine doing anything else with my life.” Tracy Wiid, Travel Counsellor for 9 years

“The Best thing about becoming a Travel Counsellor is that I get to do what I love. I work from my home and I am surrounded by the people who I love. I have been able to buy a new car and we are currently building our dream house.” Lynde Opperman, Travel Counsellor for 10 years

“Being a Travel Counsellor means a lot to me. My family mean the world to me. Running my own business means that if they need me, I can be there. I can offer my customers the service they that they deserve. I have the flexibility to do the things that are important to me during my working day. I do not have to answer to a boss. I love what I do.” Marie Rayner, Travel Counsellor for 14 years

“Being a Travel Counsellor has allowed me to help my daughters get into the property market. This would not have been possible had I not become a Travel Counsellor” Sandra Robinson, Travel Counsellor for 20 years

Balance drives a better working world. We can help you to bring balance to your life.