International Women’s Day 2021 champions the theme of Equal Future

For the last 27+ years, Travel Counsellors has empowered both women (and men) to run their own travel businesses. We have over 1,900 franchisees globally, of which 70% are women and over three-quarters of them have children.

Becoming a Travel Counsellor franchisee means that our agents become their own boss. They get to call the shots and to decide.

Sell the Product that’s right for you

It is the Travel Counsellors decision to sell the product set that they believe is right for their customer.

You choose your working hours

You get to decide when you start and when you end your day. You can fit all the things that are important to you and balance your work around this. Our systems enable you to work on the go. This means you can go to the gym when you want to. You can meet friends for lunch, watch your kids play sport and have dinner cooking whilst you work.

Unlimited Earnings

The sky is the limit. Our Travel Counsellors work hard and they reap the rewards from their efforts.

Take Leave When You Wish

You get to decide when you want to go away and for how long. Some TC franchisees decide to take their businesses with them and others set up a buddy to look after their business while they are away. It's your choice

Work from Anywhere

No longer are you bound to working in a retail agency or shopping centre! You can work from anywhere - this could be from your home, your favourite coffee shop and you can even meet your customer at their offices.

Never on your own

As a Travel Counsellor franchisee, you are supported by a team of people in Cape Town and our international offices. They are there to give you direction and to help you to build and grow your business.

With our franchisees becoming business owners we have helped them to change their lives for the better...take a look at some of the stories.

“As a Travel Counsellor, I am living a life most mothers wish for. Travel Counsellors has allowed me to be there for my family and kids. This is priceless. I am so grateful for this opportunity.” Mbali Skosana, Travel Counsellor for 9 years

“I am making my dreams come true through my hard work. I get to do what I love whilst being there with my kids. I couldn’t imagine doing anything else with my life.” Tracy Wiid, Travel Counsellor for 11 years

“The Best thing about becoming a Travel Counsellor is that I get to do what I love. I work from my home and I am surrounded by the people I love. We have been able to buy our dream house.” Roslyn de la Hunt, Travel Counsellor for 12 years

“I have never felt more supported and cared for than I do now. I work alone from home, but as a Travel Counsellor, you’re tapped into a whole family that supports you, and that only wants the best for you. That support network is priceless.” Lize Roodt, Travel Counsellor for 6 years

Balance drives a better working world. We can help you to bring balance to your life. If you would like to find out more about becoming your own boss, then please get in touch. We hold regular online demo’s that we would love for you to attend and we can explain how it all works

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