It’s consideration time for travel agency owners

The Travel Industry has taken a knock over the last few months. We have seen travel borders close around the world, bringing travel to a standstill. Now in level 1, it has brought some relief however, many business owners nave had to make some many tough decisions.

Working from home can take time to get used to, but with the right support you can be all set up in no time. We all gained some experience of working from home. Can you imagine going back to work in a retail office environment?

We are all holding out for the day when our skies will open again and where business will return to what we once knew.

Could this time, present an opportunity for you to consider moving your business home? Could this be the solution that you need to stay in the industry that you love?

How about Saying...

• Goodbye to high office rentals and high office utility bills?

• Think about how much money you could save in not needing to pay high office rentals.

• You could save on business insurances.

• You could save on high business utility bills.

• You can say goodbye to the commute. No more wasting hours and hours in traffic, not to mention saving in petrol and your own sanity.

If you moved your business home you could have no office rentals. Your tax advisor can explain more... Did you know that; having a dedicated work area in your home, you can offset part of your home bond/rental and utility bills against tax?

What if you and your travel consultants could all become Travel Counsellors? This would remove the financial pressure of needing to pay staff salaries. Each consultant could start their own business as a Travel Counsellor Franchisee where they would earn commission and it would be up to them to grow their business. Not only would this relieve the financial pressure, it will free you from staff admin like tracking leave, doing performance appraisals etc.

You have the opportunity to get back to what you love most – selling travel. You can enjoy running your own business from home. With Travel Counsellors you will never be on your own, but you will have all our support.

What we can offer you

Unrivalled Administration Support: Ticketing, BSP, ADM Resolution, Client Documentation, Complaint Handling etc.

Award winning IT. You will get access to your own Customer Relationship Management System. This holds your client personal information securely. Your Marketing Contact Centre will streamline personalised marketing to your customers.

• A customer Travel MYTC App will enable your customers to be able to contact you in one tap. Customers can make quick and secure payments towards their trip. Customers can view & approve quotes. They can access their travel docs, vouchers and boarding passes in a single place and so much more...

• You will have access to an intranet, you will see stats personalised to your business.

• You will get your own personalised leisure website and a personalised business website...

• A Dynamic Packaging System where you can set the mark-up. You can tailor-make your own travel packages.

• The Best Commercial Deals from local and overseas suppliers.

Office set-up kit including; a laptop loaded with Microsoft packages. Your personalised email signature, internet, Galileo GDS & marketing materials.

• A Business Development Coach who will help you to build and scale your business

• A corporate travel specialist who will help you to go out and to pitch for tenders

• Retain your relationships with your customers

• The independence to sell the product that’s right for your customer

If you care about your customers and love travel like we do, let Travel Counsellors show you how we could help you. We understand that you may have many questions. You might need to consider various scenarios. Why not get in touch to book a confidential online demo. Ask us any questions. If you think that this could be the right fit, then we would love to hear from you.

Interested in becoming a Travel Counsellor?

It's a big decision, that's why we're on hand to help you

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