Jaenette celebrates her 2nd Anniversary

I joined Travel Counsellors in July 2020 during Covid, and I am grateful to have just recently celebrated my 2nd TC Anniversary. I have always wanted to become an ITC, I just never dared to make the move. Being a mom of 3, always held me back, but during Covid, I found the courage.

When considering who to partner with - Travel Counsellors were always my only option.

The reasons why I chose Travel Counsellors are;

  • I was taken aback by all the technology that was in place.

  • Phenix is an exclusive system for Travel Counsellors. This allows me to dynamically package travel experiences for my customers. I can also manage my clients’ files, do invoicing, and marketing and access corporate assets, all in one place.

  • We have an amazing myTC travel App which my customers love. It is like giving them an extension of my services right in their pocket.

I am so proud that I grew my business by 100%. This growth has come largely through referrals from my friends & family. I have set up various social media channels to promote my business and this has also brought much success.

As a Travel Counsellor, I absolutely love being my own boss, managing my own time and being able to make my own decisions. Money is the biggest reward that I could ever have asked for.

It is my goal to build a scalable business that I can one day pass on to my kids.

Looking back, I am so happy that I found the courage to become a Travel Counsellor. My only wish is that I had made the move sooner.

Can you relate to Jaenette’s story? Perhaps you are keen to explore your future as a Travel Counsellor but unsure if you can make a success of it? Do you wonder where you will get your clients from or if you don’t know enough about running a business? Travel Counsellors can help you – we need your passion and love for travel, we will give you the tech, tools, support, and training to grow a scalable business. If this sounds good, then we would love to chat with you. We hold regular events and would love you to attend.

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