Let’s consider All Things Tech – DIY vs a partner who provides it

Travel businesses are absolutely dependent on technology – it is an integral part of everything we do. As a result, the best possible equipment and 24/7 IT support must be available to ITCs. If this is not provided by the host company, it can end up being very costly and difficult to manage.

Technology doesn’t only extend to the hardware and generic software used daily. Personalisation is a very hot topic and widely considered the future of travel. Technology plays a pivotal part in the growth in personalisation, with customer-facing apps and predictive analysis revolutionising marketing to customers and dramatically improving user experience. All mainstream travel agencies are trying to keep up with this trend.

Prospective ITC’s should ask themselves:

  • To be competitive how will I get access to this technology and at what cost?

  • Will I still have the upper hand when the technology moves beyond my current knowledge and skill level?

  • Who will provide the training to keep my business successful when this inevitably happens?

  • Who will develop the technology and at what cost will this come?

These are important considerations when choosing a host company and ITCs need to be confident that they will receive the tools and training necessary to compete in the digital economy.

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