Let’s consider your Longevity – Who best to partner with?

Not all ITC host companies are equal. When you compare like-for-like as to what each offers their franchisees, you will see that those offering higher comm splits don’t offer much else.

At first glance, the host company offering the highest commission split might look like a no brainer, but it is important to delve deeper and to consider all the other tools & tech that you might need to remain competitive and to win new business.

Some ITC partner companies also run travel shops who in turn will compete with you for the same business.

Aside from this, if your ITC partner does not re-invest in your business by providing you with technology and the necessary support to future-proof your business especially as we see the move towards a market dominated by internet-based companies, then this will prove a challenge for you.

It’s essential that aspiring ITCs don’t fall into the trap of just thinking about short-term gains when selecting a partner, but also how they plan to protect their business in the long term.

Host companies offering high commission options tend to lack the essential support services alluded to here and often disregard the key questions that have been raised, deeming them unnecessary to running an ITC business. However, every aspiring ITC must find the answers to these questions, enabling them to make an informed decision about the right partner for them.

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