Look beyond the headline commission split! And consider the Support offered and what you get for your 40% to start, scale and support your business.

We are living in unprecedented times during Covid-19. No doubt this has been a tough time for you adjusting to working from home. Perhaps you have been working from home but then there is the adjustment of working and living with the whole family or perhaps even adjusting to living and working on your own. We are all in the same storm, yet our experiences are different. Then dealing with everything work related from travel date changes to refunds and so much more...

It is often in times like this when you can truly see the value that your host company provides.

Travel Counsellors has been holding daily TV broadcasts to keep our Travel Counsellors up to date with what is happening, to stay abreast of all the supplier updates. Travel Counsellors can also message in and ask questions. Training sessions have been held and soft touch marketing assets have been given to Travel Counsellors to stay in touch with their customers. We have a dedicated Covid-19 section on the intranet which helps keep all our Travel Counsellors up to date with all the supplier updates.

Travel Counsellors have access to a dedicated Counsellor (this is confidential) the Counsellor will help them through personal challenges or any difficulties.

We have stopped our monthly fees to Travel Counsellors and a global benevolent fund has been created where Travel Counsellors who have fallen on really hard times can apply for some funding.

Whilst we are not financial advisors, we have given our Travel Counsellors advise in terms of short-term loans, holiday payments, application for the solidarity fund and so much more. We are also working very closely with ASATA and the Government to help our Travel Counsellors put in an application for the solidarity fund. We have set up a TC Kids programme to help Travel Counsellors keep their kids entertained during the day so that they can focus on work. We have also set up a fitness and wellness programme for our Travel Counsellors to help them keep life in balance.

We will be with them every step of the way and will lead them through this difficult time.

In addition to the support around Covid-19, we also offer loads more support and tools which is applicable to when it is business as usual...

Travel Counsellor and former retail agency owner, Helen Shelver, explains: “People can be quick to point out that the 60/40 split is huge! It is when you’re looking at it from one side only. That’s why it needs much closer scrutiny. What many people don’t realize, is just how much that 40% is worth! It’s a complete investment in you, in your business, in your customers and your future. It’s what will allow your business to grow and scale and what allows your earnings to be unlimited. It frees you up to focus on your customer and on your sales. Travel Counsellors invests R6 million annually into tech alone - which other ITC company invests in your business like that?!

The relative merits of a service-only concept versus a full-support model need careful evaluation. As an independent company whose sole focus is travel franchising, Travel Counsellors are not successful until you are. Put another way, it’s in everyone’s interest that your business is the very best it can be, now and in the future. Your success is the reason why we’re here.

Let’s start with set-up. Helen says, “When I was looking at different ITC models, what I found with Travel Counsellors blew me away. I wouldn’t have walked away after a week’s induction with any other ITC model with a leisure website, a business website, a Facebook page and my email all set up and ready to go. But I did with Travel Counsellors!

And then there’s the Dashboard in Phenix, Travel Counsellors’ bespoke booking system. There’s no other place in travel where you’d get up-to-the-minute reporting like that! It shows you bookings that are pending, what’s urgent, which clients are away, who’s coming back; what you need to invoice, which quotes need following up; it gives prompts and reminders to help you be more efficient for your client - it’s incredible! All those efficiency savings translate into better service for your customer, more sales for your business and greater earnings for you.”

Consider the practical aspects, too, explains Helen, “You get the ticketing license, the accounting software, the 24-hour Duty Office, help to market yourself, the negotiated airfares and package deals, a unique Financial Protection Plan to safeguard your customers.

Plus, you don’t have to be VAT registered, or manage other people’s money; you get ongoing support and training, your own Business Development Exec… the list is endless.

Plus, you get a 400-strong support team, based in South Africa and in the UK, all of whom have your back. Travel Counsellors minimizes all the risk to you, this frees you up to do what you do best – care for your customer and run your travel business in the way that you want to!

For your travel business to succeed, choose a partner with the systems, support and tech that makes you look slick, professional, and efficient. This is how you’ll grow your client base and your income. Looking beyond the headline figures could be the most profitable and rewarding move you’ve ever made - it certainly was for me!

Change the way you do business - I did and I haven’t looked back! I take home 60% of everything I earn with Travel Counsellors - this is more than when I owned my own agency. I get great technology, marketing tools and business support - all in all a better, more profitable business.

If you would like to learn more and to see a demo to compare apples with apples and to do the maths exercise then please get in touch.

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