Lynde makes more money she is happier and has so much less stress

Now full of smiles and a better work-life balance. Lynde said goodbye to feeling tired, stressed out and working long hours.

Some Highlights in Lynde’s Travel Career

  • Lynde began her career working at the airport in Operations
  • Her passion for travel led her to becoming an air hostess
  • She joined a large retail travel agency and was later promoted to manage the store.
  • I joined Travel Counsellors as a franchisee in March 2019. I now run my own travel business from home.
  • This year March 2019 I celebrate my 10-year anniversary running my own business.
  • Since 2009 my business has grown 6 times since day one.
  • Since 2015 every year on year I have grown my business by 50%

I am very proud of what I have achieved. I have ambitious goals for the end of 2019 and I would like to lose 15 kgs. I'm about to do a holiday trip of a lifetime with my hubby.

I love the change that becoming a Travel Counsellor has brought to my life. No more stress! No more long hours! If I do need to put in the extra time I don't mind as its for my benefit. I love that I don't have the responsibility for the performance of staff. Working from home and doing what I love most is what attracted me to Travel Counsellors.

I am empowered to run a successful business. I currently make more money now than I ever did in retail! I have more time now with my family AND have travelled more!

I love that I have more time to spend with my husband, son and our 6 dogs! I love cycling with my husband, watching sunsets and exploring our beautiful world! I have travelled to 6 continents! Any place that I haven't travelled to, is on my bucket list. "Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

What helps you be successful?

Phenix and using DMCs –It gives me the absolute power to book anything and to make the most money.

Being a business owner, I have come to know and to appreciate my worth to my customers. It’s not about being the cheapest.

What do you love most about working in the travel industry?

I love the perks. I love being able to go on educationals and on fam trips while selling what I love.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

Russia and Eastern Europe. I love the buildings, history and people

What does your future without limits look like?

A new house in Laaiplek, to be debt free, to always be happy and relaxed!

What do you think that your customers most appreciate about you being a TC?

They love my consistency.

If you can relate to Lynde story and would like to follow in her footsteps, then please get in touch.