Marc de Jager jumps for R100m in sales

We made a promise to the Travel Counsellors. Hit R100m in sales, a new record for TC South Africa, and Marc de Jager, Business Development Manager, will jump!

Friday morning, 31 March, wasn’t an ordinary Friday morning. Travel Counsellors was R4,4m away from hitting their best month ever, which has become a regular occurrence over the last year. This was still a few million short of R100 million, which seemed like a significant challenge at the time.

Marc de Jager, Business Development Manager, added momentum by offering an incentive of a different kind. Marc has had a lifelong fear of heights and wanted to show his support. He promised to jump (with a parachute) out of a plane if sales reached R100 million.

By 12h31, we were R300,000 away from the R100m goal, and in a historic first, Travel Counsellors closed the month off on R106m.

TCs delivered!

So, Marc kept his promise, and on Saturday morning, 1 April, he jumped from 11 000 feet.

Watch the video here

Says Marc about his promise, "At Travel Counsellors, we believe in walking the talk. Travel Counsellors are known for facing challenges head-on and regularly stepping out of their comfort zones, and therefore it was only fair that I did something that took me way out of my comfort zone. I could not be prouder to be part of such a caring and supportive community."

Travel Counsellors leadership keep their promises!

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