Meet Robyn. After 21 years of employment I am now working for myself. “Nothing can beat the freedom that working for yourself and working from home can bring.”

2020 has taught me many lessons. Times have changed, and my priorities have too. I love travel and servicing my clients as much as I love having freedom and flexibility in my life.

Spring represented a change in season. Plus, for Robyn too, she also experienced change. She took the leap of faith to leave a company that she had worked for, for more than 16 years. She has now started her own travel business as a Travel Counsellor franchisee.

Robyn will tell you that 2020 has taught her many life lessons. Times have changed and Robyn’s priorities have changed too.

My hubby works offshore and can be away for 2 months at a time and then home for 6 weeks. We have a beautiful 7-year-old daughter. She the light of our lives, bringing fun and sometimes drama into a 'stressful life' due to work constraints in 2020! We have 2 kitties and a Jack Russel - our pets are old, and they love to sleep. I love reading and my hubby will tell you that I love it way too much. I also enjoy painting. My daughter and I recently turned our Wendy-house into an art studio – NO BOYS ALLOWED!

I love travelling and have been fortunate to have travelled to quite a few places. I have done a Contiki Tour, and this has enabled me to have seen a lot of Europe and UK - Italy, France, Germany, Austria, Lichtenstein and Switzerland... The best was spending Christmas in Vienna and New year’s in Venice – how can you top that? I have also worked in Dubai for 3 years and this gave me the opportunity to visit the UAE, Iran, Saudi... Working in travel has also taken me to Mauritius, Seychelles & Thailand...

I love working in travel as it enables me to always learn something new. I haven't travelled everywhere, so it is always exciting to hear my customers travel stories. I love working out the complicated fares for my corporates... especially the weird routes. I love to figure out how to make it the cheapest and quickest way to get somewhere. It is a bit like algebra LOL. I was a nerd in school! I love seeing my customers photos... and my repeat customers know that I love their holiday pics. When they send something pretty, I print it and stick to my office wall and then send them a pic back - they love it!

After working in Dubai for 3 years, I worked for a large retail store for 3 years. I later moved to another retail travel agency where I continued working in travel but in a new position. My journey in this company lasted for 16 years. I went through many changes with different bosses, company name changes, yet I stayed! Now I have put all my experience to good use. I have started my own travel franchise with the backing of Travel Counsellors.

I love travel and serving my clients. Working for myself and working from home gives me the much-needed freedom and flexibility in my life. I love that I can pick up my daughter from school and take her to her dance classes & to her singing lessons. I love too that if my daughter is not feeling well that she can stay at home, and that I can look after her. I love my job - but Ems is my world, I love being able to BE there for her... and for my hubby too when he's home LOL. I also appreciate that I can start making dinner earlier when load shedding starts. I love that working for yourself and working from home means that I can make a booking for a client at 10 PM. Nothing can beat the freedom that working from home brings!

I love that as a Travel Counsellor that I can enjoy a great work - life balance. Many of my friends have become Travel Counsellors. It's like a huge family! You can never have enough friends and family!

I can’t wait until our borders reopen – I want to work-work-work. Plus, I would love to go to Switzerland again – it is so pretty... I love the vast green fields then the white mountains... My ultimate travel dream is to explore through Japan. Japan is so different to the Western world. It is so cultured and so beautiful, and it is on my bucket list! One day!

Can you relate to Robyn’s story? Would you also like to be your own boss to work from home? 2020 has brought change, there are new opportunities that you can take hold of. If you would like to find out more about starting your own travel business, then please get in touch.

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