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Moments that Matter – I got to take Holly to her 1st day of Grade 1

Going to school for the very first time is daunting both for parents and for the kids. Usually around this day there is a lot of excitement as well as the nerves.

It is every parent’s dream to be part of their kids’ lives especially the moments that matter the most. We can never get these moments back and time moves by so fast before we blink our kids are all grown up.

Today I was privileged to be able to take my daughter Holly to her first day of school, for Grade 1 and to share in her excitement. Why I say privileged is that I didn’t have to put in any leave for it!

Working for Travel Counsellors Head Office, I get this day off completely “free” and it is not considered a leave day or a family responsibility day. The business recognizes that this is an important time in the kids’ lives and in our own lives that they allow us to have the day off.

I feel so privileged as to my knowledge I am not aware of any company who give their staff a day off for this and usually one usually needs to apply for leave.

Travel Counsellors is a company who put care into the heart of everything it does – from the way head office support teams are treated, to the extra mile that we will take for every customer to the care that we give to every Travel Counsellor. I am so proud to be part of a company who shares my values and who put their staff first and giving me the opportunity to be part of the important moments that matter to my family.

Of course, all our Travel Counsellors had the opportunity to fetch and take their kids from school. Being a Travel Counsellor means that they have the freedom and the flexibility in their life to do this every day. They never need to miss out on the moments that matter most, plus they can watch their sports and extra-mural’s in the afternoon and still be available to their customers.

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