New opportunity for sales and business development professionals

At Travel Counsellors we offer a unique opportunity for experienced sales and business development managers to take their career in a new direction as self-employed Business Development Travel Counsellors (BDTCs).

The franchise, newly launched in South Africa, is a departure from our traditional model of supporting experienced travel professionals to make bookings.

Corporate Managing Director Kieran Hartwell says: "The concept of Travel Counsellor business owners working in duos, trios or teams is not new to us, especially within our corporate travel division, however, we’ve formalised the opportunity and extended this further by enabling a new franchise position focussed on sales and business development.”

“There is a wealth of talent in the corporate travel industry who are experts at sourcing solutions to clients’ problems and creating seamless booking and travel experiences, acting as an extension of in-house teams. We want to harness this talent by keeping people in the industry who can be there for their clients and support businesses to get moving again.”

In the UK, we have had BDTCs in the business since the beginning of 2020. Michael Copare is one of them, who joined Travel Counsellors in September 2020. Michael says: “Being a business owner, I work in a way that works for me. To be a successful Travel Counsellor you must be self-motivated, willing to face challenges and get back up and go again. This role is about putting in the effort and getting the rewards accordingly. I would advise anyone joining to set your own targets and don’t stop till you achieve them. Having worked in a very targeted, KPI driven environment previously, I have maintained an element of this and reflected that in what I want to achieve in my own business.”

We’re excited to launch this new opportunity in South Africa and look forward to welcoming new Business Development Travel Counsellors to our family.

If you want to find out more about becoming a Business Development Travel Counsellor get in touch with us on 082 936 1180 or view more information here.

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