No hidden charges with Travel Counsellors

Did you know that Travel Counsellors will get you off to to the best start when you begin your own travel business? Travel Counsellors will provide you with all the tools and the support that you will need. There are no additional charges along with way.

Take a look at what we offer our Travel Counsellors.

We will provide you with a Dell laptop that has the Microsoft software installed. We will set you up with your own TC email signature. You will also get a supply of marketing materials and business cards. When your laptop needs replacing, we will do this with no further charges.


We provide you with all the marketing tools that you will need from Print to digital. We will give you access to a toolkit that will hold branded images for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. The marketing tools that we give you will help you to get to know what your clients better and to understand what they are looking for. You get your own leisure travel website and your own business travel website. We will provide you with training and so much more.


We provide you an intranet that gives you access to your personal stats. Your customer relationship management system will hold all your customer information. And this will help you to streamline your marketing. We have a MyTC Travel app for your customers. They love this as it gives them a countdown to their holiday and holds all their documentation and even quotes. Then there is Phenix - a dynamic packaging system, that allows you to package trips within minutes. It enables you to take payment and to make bookings 24/7. It also has a dashboard giving you an overview of all your client info i.e. who is departing or arriving and so much more...

Travel Counsellor reinvest back into your business especially in the area of technology. We will ensure that you have access to the very best tools, and we don't ever come back and ask you for more money.

Operational Support

We issue your tickets for you, we don't charge you extra for this. We only support our Travel Counsellors so we will never compete against you. We do all the supplier negotiations to ensure that you have access to the best deals possible. After hours support is available to all Travel Counsellors, for all emergencies. You don't have to worry about things like PCI compliance. This is our responsibility and all you need to do is to follow our operational guidelines.

BEE Accreditation

We provide our Travel Counsellors with a BEE accreditation. We are members of both IATA and ASATA. We provide your clients with a Financial Protection Plan. This protects them against supplier failure.

Some ITC models offer higher commission structures. At face value you may believe that you can earn more. We challenge you to weigh up the costs to buy a laptop to insure it and to include all the software needed. Plus add up the marketing costs like building websites, travel apps, a CRM. Not only will this cost you but consider the time that it will take you to do your own marketing, to apply for a BEE score. And consider if you have the skill to be an IT and marketing guru. All this takes away from your passion of selling travel.

Come and meet with us. Allow us the opportunity to show you how we can support you and why that we have the best offering.

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