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November is the month of Gratitude

More than 1900 Travel Counsellor from across the globe have taken the leap of faith to start their own travel business, supported by the very best head office who will give them the very best start and help to continue scaling their business. The support team remove and limit the risk when starting a travel business and the results are phenomenal.

Travel Counsellors get to experience the benefits of working from home, choosing their hours, fitting the things that are important to them in their day. They had said goodbye to doing the daily commute, said goodbye to putting in leave and have the freedom and flexibility in their lives. They get to reap the benefits of what they invest in their business and they never need to miss out on the all-important moments that matter to them. They are rewarded and feel appreciated. The list of benefits go on…

It is no wonder that 97% of our Travel Counsellors love what they do and wish that they had made the move sooner.

We asked some of our Travel Counsellors what they are most grateful for being a Travel Counsellor and this is what they had to say.

*Anna Dalrymple had this to say: “I am grateful for the flexibility in my life, the quality time that I now have with my friends and family and the amazing Head Office Support. *

Karin Livingstone said: I am grateful for the flexibility, the greater earning potential, the amazing systems that Travel Counsellors provide to her and for the trusted brand that Travel Counsellors is.

Debby Partner says: I am grateful that I can work from home rather than in a retail office and that I can fetch my kids from school.

Tracy Wiid says: I am grateful for the flexibility, the earning potential, for being my own boss and best of all for the quality of life that I now have.

George Vermeulen says: I am grateful that I have more time for myself, that I can coach Rugby and spend more time with my family.

If you are keen to find out more about starting your own travel business, then please get in touch with us.

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