Phenix Training – Our investment back into our Travel Counsellors business

Meet Marc de Jager our Business Development Executive whose role is dedicated to supporting our Travel Counsellors to build and grow their own travel franchise. His aim is to ensure that our Travel Counsellors businesses are resilient. Daily he helps our Travel Counsellors to build a travel business.

In July Marc went on TC on Tour. He stopped in all the main city centres; Bloemfontein, Kimberley, Durban, JBay, Cape Town, Johannesburg East and West & Pretoria. Marc offered practical training on Phenix. Phenix is Travel Counsellors in-house booking platform that is exclusive to Travel Counsellors. This hands-on training showed TC's the latest tips and tricks from the latest enhancements to the platform. TC's had the opportunity to ask questions and to make suggestions for future developments.

Phenix allows Travel Counsellors to book accommodation, transfers, car hire, flights and attractions in real time 24/7. With live availability, Travel Counsellor can quote and confirm a booking within minutes. Not dependent on wholesalers they are in full control as they can go into the booking to make changes. This means that TC's can deliver exceptional customer service. Another benefit is that Phenix allows Travel Counsellors to earn more.

Phenix has been developed in-house by Travel Counsellor agents along with a team of 90 developers.

Apart from induction, we provide regular training including webinars and one-on-one training. Our monthly TC on Tour training is part of our ongoing commitment to our Travel Counsellors. In August the TC on Tour Training will cover all things Corporate Travel. This is our investment back into our Travel Counsellors businesses. It is what helps them to thrive in an ever-changing industry.

Out of our 10 best ever months in our 12-year history, the best 3 months have all fallen in 2019! Two of our best months are May and July. Our July 2019 sales are up 16% from the same time last year (July 2018).

Since our conference in May 2019, we have seen phenomenal results

  • TC's Improving their margins
  • TC's whose businesses are growing
  • We have more TCs than ever who are earning more

Travel Counsellors business model is best suited to the ever-changing market. We help TC's to keep costs low, we help them to scale their business. We give them access to the very best support and provide them with the tools they need. If you too would like to learn more about becoming a Travel Counsellor, then please get in touch.

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