Protea’s symbolise ‘Change’ & ‘Hope’? Today is Spring, which represents ‘letting go’ & ‘embracing something new’!

Protea’s symbolise ‘Change’ & ‘Hope’? Today is Spring, which represents ‘letting go’ & ‘embracing something new’!

Did you know that the Spring Season symbolizes? • The promise that everything can begin again • Letting go and embracing something new • It is the promise, birth and renewal of starting something a new

Nature is a perfect example of where new life springs into being (particularly after a long time of lying dormant) from within the earth. Months later we get to enjoy beautiful flowers in full bloom. The same is true for us. Like a bulb lying dormant in the earth waiting for ‘new life’ and ‘new opportunities’ to spring into being at the right time. As the season changes to Spring it can be symbolic for each one of us as a prompt to start something new in our lives. We have just moved to level 2 of lockdown that does allow for domestic travel across our provincial borders, for many of us prior to this it was a dormant stage and a time where we did some soul searching and upskilling.

Spring time is a good time to reflect introspectively and to consider; are we living our best life? Do we want to return to our old life or do we want to grab hold of our future and to start something new?

Like a bulb lying in the ground getting ready to sprout, isn't it time for you to put your knowledge and experience to good use? Take the bold step to move outside your comfort zone and to start your own travel business? Not on your own, but by being supported by the best travel company in the world. Could this be the time for you to show your worth and to live out all your dreams and ambitions?

The Protea is our national flower and I was recently told that Proteas symbolise change and hope. These last 6 months has not been easy and we have all experienced much change. With level 2 restrictions opening and allowing domestic travel we are seeing the sales growing day by day. These green shoots are just like spring and it brings us much hope...

Many are considering what the future might hold for them? Some have been retrenched and others might not want to return to an office environment that they once knew. Could Spring time and the change in seasons, be the opportunity for you to consider starting your own travel business all the while been supported by the very best home-working company in the world?

Starting your own travel business will take courage and guts, but you will never be on your own. If you choose to partner with Travel Counsellors we will minimize the commercial risk that comes with running a business. We will take care of this all for you, so that you can focus on what you do best - look after your customers. And we don't stop there. We offer continuous training and we reinvest back into your business. This ensures you have the very best tools at your disposal, putting you in the strongest position to win more business.

Travel Counsellors is the only global travel homeworking franchisor devoted entirely to travel franchising! The provision of (and continuous investment in) a platform and support model that enables travel business owners to flourish is the sole focus of our business. We don’t have a parent company with disparate travel interests; we don’t compete with you through our own retail shops or online travel. Simply put, we’re not successful until you are.

If you would like to learn more then please give us a call and we can tell you more about the support that we can offer you.

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