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Roslyn de la Hunt: What's it like being a Travel Counsellor?

My name’s Ros, I live in Centurion and I’ve always been passionate about travel! I worked at a retail agency for about nine years before taking the leap of faith and joining Travel Counsellors. Before joining I was tired, stressed, feeling the pressure of my job and struggling with a four-hour round-trip commute every day.

Being a newlywed myself, I’d become keen on the full-service wedding and honeymoon planning aspect of travel, but my employers didn’t share my vision for expanding this part of our portfolio. I’d always wanted to work for myself, being self-disciplined and preferring to ‘get my head down and work,’ rather than sharing a large office with other colleagues. So, it seemed like the right time for me to go for my dream!

I considered a couple of ITC options, but I chose Travel Counsellors because they offered the most in terms of support. Venturing out on your own is a daunting experience and having the right people to support and guide you in running your own business and then making a success out of it is priceless! The fact that I’ve managed to grow my business year-on-year for the last ten years fully endorses the value that is built into that support system.

I love the flexibility of running my business around my family. I can drop off and fetch my kids from school, attend their sports days - I never have to miss out on their activities now. And I can care for my customers, dedicating the time to them that I always wanted to. I also earn so much more than I did before! You set your own targets and the sky is the limit regarding your earning potential. Having become a successful business owner, I’m far more confident now in my career. Since I joined Travel Counsellors, I can honestly say my life has been transformed for the better in every way - I’ve never looked back!

My advice to anyone considering running their own ITC business with Travel Counsellors? Make that leap of faith! You do need to be disciplined, to be able to work on your own, put in the effort, be driven and motivated. So goes the old saying, “What you put in, is what you get out!” I’m getting so much more out - my earnings are more than I could ever have imagined.

My health has improved - I have time to do DanceFit and do Parkruns now, as well as cycling and hiking with the kids - and we have more quality time as a family. My future with Travel Counsellors is absolutely without limits - I’m just living my best life right now.

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