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Supporting our partner charity with a 23-hour telethon

On Tuesday 9th October at 12.30pm we switched on the cameras in our in-house “TCTV” studio and began broadcasting for 23-hours straight. We had Head Office colleagues working throughout the night to bring a TCTV episode like no other, all in support of our partner charity, Reuben’s Retreat. The aim was to raise £23,000 (R414,000) but by 11:30am on Wednesday 10th October, we had beaten our target and received R433,638 in donations from Travel Counsellors and customers globally. Post-event donations kept coming and we have now reached R484,146 and the money is still coming in!

Every person in Travel Counsellors was involved by entertaining us on-screen, hosting the show, operating the cameras, joining the audience and of course by watching live and donating.

We had show’s ranging from Carpool Karaoke, the Marketing Team Bake Off, Play Your Cards right, and plenty more. UK Travel Counsellors and their children were invited for an after-school TC Kids special and joined us for Bangers and Mash for dinner. Overnight we were kept entertained by colleagues from our Australian office, and an early morning Zumba class woke us all up. Over the course of the telethon, we had 23 Head Office colleagues heading out to run a mile each and of course we got a look inside Reuben’s Retreat to see how all the donations will be put to excellent use.

TV favourite, Vernon Kay, also visited the Retreat, based in Glossop, Lancashire and Coronation Street star and charity patron, Julie Hesmondhalgh opened the show, sharing with us what the charity means to her.

Reuben’s Retreat is a charity supporting families who have suffered the bereavement of a child or have a child suffering from a life-limiting or life-threatening illness. The charity was born in memory of Reuben Graham who died from a rare and aggressive brain tumour, aged just 23 months, which explains the significance of the 23-hour broadcast and target of £23,000 (R414,000).

The unique event brought everyone in the Travel Counsellors circle, and those further afield, together, and we’d like to thank everyone who gave us their time, money and support. Travel Counsellors are a company who truly care about people and the 23-hour telethon is the latest, but certainly the most inventive, way we’ve supported Reuben’s Retreat.

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