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TC Community Comes Together in Johannesburg

Travel Counsellors took to the road to do an in-person connect time with our Travel Counsellors in the main cities of South Africa. This was our very first face-to-face interaction since our conference in 2020. Today's TC Reconnect took place in Johannesburg.

At the end of January Mladen, Ian and Marc took to the road and visited our Travel Counsellor franchisees in person covering the following regions Bloemfontein, Kimberley, Cape Town, Durban, Pretoria, Johannesburg and Durban. For those TCs who stay in outer-lying regions, there was an online reconnect session to ensure that no one missed out.

For some Travel Counsellor franchisees, this was the very first time that they were reconnecting with their TC colleagues since the pandemic, and for others, it was nothing new as they had continued to connect and participate in supplier coffee morning training.

The room each day was filled with much excitement and Travel Counsellors were delighted to reconnect in person again.

Travel Counsellors heard from the head office team about how the business had weathered the storm. TC's heard about the new tech developments especially coming to the corporate market. It was amazing to hear stories of Travel Counsellors who reinvented their business and those who despite the odds achieved their best evers.

Let's hear from some of our franchisees what they had to say.

Liviana Moeti It was awesome seeing everyone. Today made me realise that I am not alone. Apart from my biological family, I have a TC family who care and who are concerned about my well-being. It was heart-warming to know. On the business side, it was incredible to see how we as a TC family still managed to keep our businesses open during the most difficult economic and emotional 2 years, that we will most probably ever face. This gives me such hope and confidence and reaffirms that I made the right decision in joining TC almost 6 years ago. Covid showed me flames in the worst way during the last 2 years, and at some point, I almost threw in the towel. But I hung on and thankfully so. Today brought back a spark inside of me to continue and never give up no matter what. Having the support of my fellow TC’s and head office just makes being a TC that much better. I’m excited about what the future holds. It can only get better. If we made it through the last 2 years and we still standing, our future is bright!

Chantel Smuts I enjoyed getting to see so many of the TC’s and head office face to face after so long. It was so motivating to see how well we as a brand has performed against all odds and how was are standing strong. The new upcoming Corporate hub to manage leads sounds very exciting to grow my Corporate business and the constant investment into the business to ensure that we stay ahead of the market. I know for a fact that if I had been in any other business I would never have been able to weather the storm and still be so positive about my future in this industry. So once again proving over and over again that my decision to become a Travel Counsellor 6 years ago was the best decision I ever made!

Petro Rossouw The moment I saw everyone, I knew I was home and everything is going to be okay. Even though we have the TC WhatsApp groups and TCTV etc., you still need that personal interaction and that is exactly what I needed yesterday... it was so good for the body, soul and mind. I feel ready for 2022.

Charmaine Higgins It was incredible to spend physical time with everyone. There are so many exciting changes coming, I felt that management is going the extra mile to ensure we receive the best tools to grow our business. I feel so positive about my future as a Travel Counsellor, despite Covid-19 we will be bold and take on the challenge to once again be the best!

Angela Symons It was so awesome seeing everyone again and so very hard not to hug…. It was very encouraging to see how well we have done despite all the odds. We are going to be more BOLD!

Marianda Maritz In March 2020, our GM Mladen Lukic said, worst-case scenario August and boy did I hold onto that August, and now it’s been 2 years.  Thanks to the amazing head office team and support they have given us through these 2 years, we have managed to all stay connected and re-connected today to move towards a much brighter future!

Natalie Matthews It was such a treat to see everyone again in person today after the last two challenging years and having the opportunity to reconnect. Today was proof that no matter what, we have the amazing support of one another and all those at Head Office! I am feeling confident & certainly looking forward to the new trends that travel is going to take in the near future and all the incredible ideas that I will be able to share with my clients.

George Vermeulen Today was fantastic to see everybody in real life. The last time we connected was 2 years ago. The vibe was electric, everybody was so full of energy. I'm excited and can't wait for the new things on the horizon.

Linda Gomes It was great to reconnect with our fellow TC’s after 2 long tough years … and seeing everyone in person was exciting. One can sense that this year is going to be a different year. I’m so optimistic and amped for this year with loads of new enquiries and bookings … I can just feel it! And not only this, it was my 12th TC Anniversary with Travel Counsellors. I have no regrets at all. Looking forward to what is in store for us and our business in the years to come – Thank you Travel Counsellors

Lize Roodt It was so lovely to see everyone. We had only positive vibes and just cemented that I am still in the right place with the right people and community, I love that I am still able to be in travel.

Although it has been tough for many, no one was sad, miserable or negative. We all have our stories to share about how rough it's been, how tough it has been – we have not come through this without scars but everyone holds space for each other on whatever level they need. And that is something money CAN NOT buy.

Kirsty Fourie It was just amazing to see everyone again. It’s hard to take in that it has been two years since most of us had seen each other, but it was like we’d never been apart! How wonderful are the bonds we have at TC, we don't have to see each other and talk to each other every day, but we'll always be there for each other. Stronger Together!

Lynn Davis The Trends for 2022 were inspiring. It has given me so much insight to apply to my client base. I have now set myself a goal to complete at least one training programme per week and to develop my knowledge base. I’m looking forward to being more bold, proactive and taking action this year. Today was a reminder that I am part of a community that has been in the same storm and we may all weather the storm differently.

Fazlin Samsodien Wow, it was so wonderful seeing my fellow TCs face to face and reconnecting after 2 years of zoom and Teams. Getting all positive feedback from head office and them complimenting us on our perseverance through the lockdown, hard work, resilience and commitment to rise above and beyond. Having a great support structure made this all possible. Yes, We all had tough times during lockdown, but now we need to move past that. These famous words ...Yesterday is history, Tomorrow is a mystery, Today is a gift, that is why we call it the Present... Eleanor Roosevelt. I'm living in the now, making every day count and being grateful for my blessings. I love my TC Family.

You too can have feelings of hope and optimism for the year ahead. We may still have some kinks in the road, but one thing for sure as a Travel Counsellor franchisee you will never be on your own and you will always be part of a special community of Travel Counsellors who are there for each other. You will have access to the very best support team who will go above and beyond to ensure that your business is a success. If this sounds great, we would to chat with you.

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