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TC Reconnect in Cape Town confirms feelings of Hope

Travel Counsellors took to the road to do an in-person connect time with our Travel Counsellors in the main cities of South Africa. This was our very first face-to-face interaction since our conference in March 2020. Today's TC Reconnect took place in Cape Town.

At the end of January and early into February Mladen, Ian and Marc took to the road and visited our Travel Counsellor franchisees in person covering the following regions Bloemfontein, Kimberley, Cape Town, Durban, Pretoria, Johannesburg and Durban. For those TCs who stay in outer-lying regions and those living abroad, there was an online reconnect session to ensure that no one missed out.

For some Travel Counsellor franchisees, this was the very first time that they were reconnecting with their TC colleagues since the pandemic, and for others, it was nothing new as they had continued to connect and participate in supplier coffee morning training.

The room each day was filled with much excitement and Travel Counsellors were delighted to reconnect in person again.

Travel Counsellors heard from the head office team about how the business had weathered the storm. TC's heard about the new tech developments that will soon be coming to the business. It was inspiring to hear stories of Travel Counsellors who have won new business, gained new clients, plus those who had to reinvent their business and enter into new markets.

Let's hear from some of our franchisees what they had to say.

Lyndill Cilliers Today was incredible - I felt like a child on Christmas morning on my way to see all my colleagues who I haven’t seen in person for almost two years! It felt like the old days, but different, inspiring and motivational. I am prepared and ready for an amazing 2022, conscious not to fall back to old habits, but to kick it up a gear and to do exceptionally well! I wouldn’t want to be a part of any other team - Travel Counsellors, really lives "with us it's PERSONAL"

Chantal Smith Today was my first time in person roadshow after joining TC almost a year and a half ago - how crazy is that! Being a part of the TC family has shown me that true grit and determination to succeed, backed by the support of the TC community makes all the difference. I wouldn't be where I am today without my fellow TCs constantly encouraging and motivating me, and from the support from Head Office. I truly feel inspired and motivated to continue growing my business! I'm going for GOLD this year - watch this space...

Cathy Loft It was lovely seeing Marc, Mladen and Ian and all the TC’s in person. My takeaway is that we as TC’s are in the forefront of the travel industry. We have survived 2 years of this pandemic and our stay at home model worked even before everyone else thought it was a good idea. Love Travel Counsellors and looking forward to a productive year.

Lynde Opperman My takeaway from today was one of Hope. TC Reconnect confirms the hope that we are now feeling. Hope is the most amazing of emotions.
Seeing the growth, the love, the comradery, the support and the future, Yes, this gives HOPE.

Nicci Hayden My take-home from today: People matter most, as long as you have the right support and care around you, you are unstoppable. I love my team, and I haven't felt alone once during the last 2 years of the pandemic. I am feeling optimistic and encouraged, baby steps will be taken to build a good foundation for the road ahead, which will still have challenges, but I now have the tools to better deal with the ups and downs. What I loved most was seeing my TC colleagues.

Claire Booth It was so lovely 'really' reconnect, today was a reminder of the fabulous support and genuine love and care we TC's have for each other. Oh and how much I SO admire everyone in that room today!

Karin Livingstone It was great to see everyone and I enjoyed the updates from Mladen, Marc and Ian.
I especially enjoyed the latest Travel Trends for 2022.

Mladen mentioned that as a TC we need to stay ahead of the game and ahead of our competitors. It was great to hear about all the updates of our new business intranet and new tools which will help me to become more efficient and to streamline my business. Only exciting times ahead!

Jaenette Struwig I am so PROUD to be a TC. Today was just what I needed, I kick under the bum and I got emotional when Mladen said we should be PROUD of ourselves. I want to thank you for allowing me to be part of this family. I am one hellava PROUD TC!

Mumtaz Samsodien My takeaway from the reconnect session was how strong the TC community was! TC HO is continually implementing ways to maximize our businesses by updating and introducing new systems. I definitely felt all the positivity and motivation and am looking forward to the upcoming year.

Thea Coetsee To have our first TC Reconnect session in person after two years today was absolutely amazing. Today I once again realized why I decided 10 years ago to take the bold step to become part of the Travel Counsellors team in South Africa. To work for myself, and to run my own travel franchise from home is absolutely amazing. I would NOT have liked to deal with all the COVID travel challenges without the support from an amazing company like Travel Counsellors. There are exciting developments on the horizon for us as Travel Counsellor franchisees and I can not wait for all these new initiatives to be launched. Thank you TC - you are amazing

Melody Visagie “Having a Reconnect Day with special TC’s has inspired me again for the year ahead. Thank you to our fantastic Management (Mladen, Ian and Marc) team for always reminding us how fabulous we were pre-Covid and how fabulous we still are!”

Hearing stories from our Travel Counsellors of feelings of such optimism for the year ahead can be something that you too can enjoy. Become part of the Travel Counsellors community and you will be offered the very best support where you too can win new business. If this sounds great to you then we would love to chat with you, please get in touch.

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