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TC Reconnect in Durban

Travel Counsellors took to the road to do an in-person connect time with our Travel Counsellors in the main cities of South Africa. This was our very first face-to-face interaction since our conference in 2020. Today's TC Reconnect took place in Durban.

At the end of January Mladen, Ian and Marc took to the road and visited our Travel Counsellor franchisees in person covering the following regions Bloemfontein, Kimberley, Cape Town, Durban, Pretoria, Johannesburg and Durban. For those TCs who stay in outer-lying regions, there was an online reconnect session to ensure that no one missed out.

For some Travel Counsellor franchisees, this was the very first time that they were reconnecting with their TC colleagues since the pandemic, and for others, it was nothing new as they had continued to connect and participate in supplier coffee morning training.

The room each day was filled with much excitement and Travel Counsellors were delighted to reconnect in person again.

Travel Counsellors heard from the head office team about how the business had weathered the storm. TC's heard about the new tech developments that will soon be coming to the business. It was inspiring to hear stories of Travel Counsellors who have won new business, gained new clients, plus those who had to reinvent their business and enter into new markets.

Let's hear from some of our franchisees what they had to say

Sarah Kieck Yesterday was such a great day reconnecting with my Travel family - Mladen, Ian and Marc from our Cape Town Head Office. To be a travel agent in these "Covid" years has been difficult, but to be part of the Travel Counsellor team has given me peace of mind to know that I am not alone. We have an amazing support team behind the scenes, helping us to keep abreast with the latest rules and regulations. They not only support us from a business perspective but keep our spirits lifted with their appraising feedback. Travel Counsellors is always a step ahead with their ideas and plans to make the future days of travel the best that they can be. Thank you Travel Counsellors, without a doubt - "with us it's personal."

Venesa Volmink The Training was great. It was so lovely having a face-to-face meeting with the TC's team. I officially feel part of the TC world now that I have met them face to face. It's been very quiet and hard trying to secure business and the training yesterday just gave me the sense that all will be well. Seeing how the sales are taking off with the other TC's is very motivating and encouraging. I am very excited to use the the new tools and following the new travel trends for 2022. #GOATtrends #learningnewtraveltrends #TCthebestwaytotravel

Helen Aitchison It was SO nice to see friendly faces from Head Office! Nothing beats seeing people in person, that is for sure. Was a great morning to just re-connect and hear of the new developments that are coming with TC.

I love that about the company...always looking for ways to improve.

Marc's insights into current travel trends was also really valuable especially when looking for ways to inspire people to get travelling again. So appreciate the time and effort taken to come and see us. Thank you.

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