‘TC Teams’ opens up new ways of working and significant growth opportunities

By the end of 2023, we have invested over R240 million into Phenix - our in-house booking platform. As part of this investment, one feature which was introduced is ‘TC Teams’. It is already revolutionising how Travel Counsellors can work while boosting the profitability of their business – so much so that it has been crowned the winner of the Best Technology Product category at last year’s Travolution awards.

Why we developed TC Teams

We have over 2,000 Travel Counsellors working around the world. We know that staying connected through technology is instrumental in supporting our community with its business growth aspirations. TC Teams bridges this gap – it has transformed the way we operate as a business to support new collaborative ways of working, enabling our franchisees to have greater control over their businesses and achieve unlimited earnings by working together.

What will TC Teams allow me to do?

The capabilities of TC Teams include:

  • The ability to create your own team: invite other Travel Counsellors to join your team and work collaboratively when dealing with enquiries and bookings.

  • Unlimited ways of working: there are no limitations to the design of the system, so you and your team members can work however best suits you and your clients.

  • Easy commission splits: TC Teams takes care of all the payments and earnings for each Travel Counsellor while giving you complete control over commission splits.

  • Delegate work: the role management capability lets the team owner assign specific roles to different team members, as well as have control over access rights to documents.

  • Work however suits you: TC Teams enables different models, including TC Assistant (think of it as having your own PA), Business Development Managers (if you want someone to win new clients), Grow-a-TC (employing someone externally who will become a fully-fledged Travel Counsellor in a year), and Ex-Travel Counsellors (Travel Counsellors who are retiring their business but want to use their skills to assist another Travel Counsellor).

Why work in a team?

First and foremost, Travel Counsellors who work in a team earn 129% more than those who don’t. But if the financial incentive wasn’t enough to get you thinking about working in a team, here are some other reasons why it’s mutually beneficial for both Travel Counsellors and their customers:

Draw on specialisms within the community – the versatile approach lets you capitalise on expertise among your peers to enhance the experience and service for your customers. You might receive an enquiry that another Travel Counsellor would be better suited to support with based on their destination knowledge or niche specialism.

Exceptional business growth – 56% of Travel Counsellors regularly collaborate with another agent, and this includes all our top 10 best-performing Travel Counsellors. Our best agents can earn ‘Gold’ status and in 2023, 13 franchisees rose to the challenge, a record for South Africa.

Ready to work on your terms? Get in touch to discuss becoming a Travel Counsellor. It’s time to unleash your potential.