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TC Virtual Reconnect from Knysna to New Zealand

A benefit of being a Travel Counsellor is that you can work from anywhere. Our virtual reconnect training meant that Travel Counsellors could log in from anywhere.

The beauty of being a Travel Counsellor is that nearly 28 years ago, Travel Counsellors pioneered the working-from-home business model. Over the last 2 years, covid-19 has given everyone a taste for what working from home or anywhere for that matter is all about.

People love it - they can say goodbye to the traffic, save at least 2 hours in their day not to mention travel costs and they get to keep their sanity too. There are fewer distractions at home and one can be disciplined and get more down. You can fit your life around your work life and as long as you are available to your customers when they need you, you need have to put in for leave or ask if you can go to the gym or take an extended lunch hour to meet with friends.

Not all Travel Counsellors live in bustling cities and many have opted to live in remote places where they feel that they have a better quality of living from Jbay, Knysna, Shelly Beach, Paulpietersburg, Ficksburg, Velddrif and the list goes on. As long as you have a good internet connection, all our systems will enable you to work from anywhere.

Travel Counsellors Head Office team took to the road and have just completed visiting all the main city centres offering a reconnect and training time with our Travel Counsellors. For those Travel Counsellors who live further afield and who are not always able to get to the main city centres - a virtual reconnect was held and was so well attended. We had representation from New Zealand - Kynsa - Shelly Beach - Jbay to name just a few.

Travel Counsellors heard from the head office team about how the business had weathered the storm. TC's heard about the new tech developments that will soon be coming to the business. It was inspiring to hear stories of Travel Counsellors who have won new business, gained new clients, plus those who had to reinvent their business and enter into new markets.

Let's hear from some of our franchisees what they had to say.

Helen Shelver I always come away from a TC Connect session refreshed and motivated. What a comfort it is that our head office team are always on top of worldwide trends, all things legal, leading the pack in innovation and constantly upgrading our learning facility. Put simply, a beacon of stability and rock-solid management. This morning’s TC Connect was no exception and I for one am so excited about the new innovations and training coming online. What can I say, but to repeat what I say so often, - it was divine intervention that landed me at Travel Counsellors’ door almost 13 years ago!

Yvonne Roy Looking back at the TC Reconnect sessions - they were extremely encouraging and it's wonderful to have the feeling that we are a REAL family and that we are all working towards the same goal.

It is also wonderful to know that we are never alone in this tipsy topsy travel world of ours. The support that we have received during lockdown has also been amazing!

I keep saying that the one regret that I have, is that I did not join TC sooner.

Mumtaz Samsodien My takeaway from the day was how strong our TC community is! Our head office support team is continuously implementing new ways to maximize our business by updating and introducing new systems. I could feel the positivity and motivation whilst attending the TC Reconnect sessions and I am so looking forward to the upcoming year.

Justin Lloyd My take home today was that you shouldn’t pigeonhole customers and think that they would never be open to other experiences. Circumstances may have changed for them.

Also, many consultants have left mainstream companies and have left many customers without a consultant, so there are many opportunities for me to find customers who are looking for someone to offer them expert advice.

Colleen Madaba From today I relearnt that despite what is happening globally, I should not be afraid to charge for my worth. Also realized the more I learn, with all the industry changes happening, I will always be a step ahead in servicing my client the best way as a TC should… all with a personal touch.

I can use the ‘new’ travel trends to inspire my customers. And being consistent in terms of my admin: re marketing will in the long term show a growth in my business. I am optimistic on the future of my business, noting as TC’s we have survived the pandemic with great figures, better than most industry compadres.

Onwards and Upwards we shall be victorious!

Cindy Ribton It was good to get an overview of what Travel Counsellors has achieved over the past 2 years and to hear about all the new initiatives that are coming our way. I found it helpful to hear how many TC’s were valuing themselves in the services that they were offering. I was left feeling more positive for the coming months head and for international travel and I was reminded to keep up with ever-changing updates, which is so important as I then pass positivity onto clients who are looking for guidance.

Bev Coleman I thoroughly enjoyed the TC Reconnect. I really needed this. The travel trends and business opportunities that Marc spoke about were inspiring and it has already given me ideas on how to share this with my customers. I’ve also had to change my approach over the last two years especially with regards to international travel. I am now hard at work crafting new itineraries that are relevant to the new world of travel. I have just crafted a quote for a customer who will be abroad for 4 months, so holding thumbs this will convert. The upcoming TC Support and Supplier Training is exciting and I cannot wait to be part of this. I am positive about the future and it leaves me with new vigour. Many thanks to everyone involved and I am very happy that I attended.

Does working from anywhere appeal to you? All you need is a good internet connection and Travel Counsellors will provide you with a laptop, all the tech, support and training. We will be with you every step of the way and your BD coach will help you to build and scale your business. Does this sound good? We would love the opportunity to chat with you or sign up to attend one of our upcoming events.

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