The Power of the Travel Counsellors Community

TCS are never in competition. They will go above and beyond to help each other. Being part of an international community ensures you can gain local knowledge from the international TC community.

Here is an example of the TC Community coming together

Maggie due Toit is a South African Travel Counsellor. She had a corporate client on a business trip in Belgium. Her client has cancer and the trip had taken its toll on her client where she needed to find a hotel near a train station in Belgium.

Maggie reached out to the international community and Nicky Tritsman a TC in Belgium responded and offered her help. Nicky made some phone calls to find a hotel close to the train station from where the customer would have a 7-hour wait before she departed. Passing this local knowledge was gold. Not only did Nicky call, but she also made the booking on behalf of Maggie and the customer.

Stories like these become the talk triggers where customers talk about Travel Counsellors.

It is the international community that makes Travel Counsellors stand out. This example demonstrates how the TC community can work together to deliver the very best customer experience. If you too, would like to be part of the Internatioanl Travel Counsellors community, then please get in touch.

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