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The road to re-brand

As Travel Counsellors looks to its 30th birthday, we’ve seized the opportunity to reenergise and refresh the Travel Counsellors brand, injecting some extra ‘TLC’.

I’m really excited to unveil our vibrant, new visual identity that reflects the care we have for our customers and our people. Fittingly, our new logo features cherry blossom – a symbol of renewal and new beginnings – and represents our ethos of community, togetherness, and care, which are at the core of everything we do.

A new beginning in a 30-year journey, the re-brand is a powerful reminder of what makes Travel Counsellors so special. It signifies our ongoing commitment to our people, our customers, and our communities – our caring culture and strong values upon which we’ve built our business, and which continue to propel us forward.

Our digitally enabled platform empowers the very best travel entrepreneurs across the UK to deliver added value, trusted travel advice, reassurance and care to an increasing number of customers. At Travel Counsellors, we pride ourselves on our ability to grow, evolve and move with the times – but above all, we pride ourselves on caring more than anyone else.

Our brand is built on people, and our brand promise ‘With us, it’s personal’ remains as true today as it was 30 years ago. The evolution of the brand chrystallises this sentiment - it’s about positioning Travel Counsellors as a service brand, rather than just a travel company, and the preferred choice for leisure and corporate customers alike. We’re shifting the sentiment from ‘what we do’ – sell travel, to ‘the difference we make’, for everyone involved in the journey.

As a people-focused business, the re-brand was informed by insights gleaned from our community of Travel Counsellors, customers and clients, and extensive market research. Given the significant growth opportunities in the leisure and corporate travel sector, now is a pivotal moment and I’m focused on ensuring our brand and customer experience is absolutely future fit.

The revamped brand aims to both support the ambitions of Travel Counsellors’ travel entrepreneurs and to allow them to better connect with their clients. The core elements of community, togetherness and care are all reflected in the look, feel and colour of the new assets.

From today, the complete brand re-fresh is being rolled out across Travel Counsellors’ website, social media and company technology, as well as the myTC app.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve brought 1,900 Travel Counsellors from across the world up-to-speed on the re-brand, advising our community how they implement the new collateral and designs within their own businesses to help them scale up in a way that suits them. This has been a vast project across multiple platforms and territories, and communication with our Travel Counsellors throughout has been critical.

We’ve created a new Brand Hub to help facilitate this process and to equip our Travel Counsellors with all the assets they need. Travel Counsellors can quickly and easily download full brand guidelines, a media library with over 1,000 images and a number of colour palettes and templates. The Brand Hub will continue to grow over time, whilst the range of customisable assets enables each Travel Counsellor to express their own personal brand while ensuring consistency with the overall Travel Counsellors brand.

As I look to the next phase of Travel Counsellors’ journey, the re-brand is not only a milestone for the business but a public renewal of our pledge to care – about our Travel Counsellors, our customers, and every trip we plan.

Dave Callan, Customer Director and CMO

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