TC Life

The TC Community is stronger than super glue

Travel Counsellors is proud of our people-first culture, and as always we are here to support our community through thick and thin.

I’m a relatively new TC, yet the TC community has proven that no matter what happens, we are always there for each other and will do whatever it takes to help… with us, it truly is personal" said Chantal Smith, Travel Counsellor Cape Town

Personal Support

My best friend’s mom also tested positive for Covid yesterday. She lives in Gauteng and there are no hospital beds available. We needed to get oxygen to her mom urgently. I am Cape Town based and my best friend is in Durban. I reached out to our Travel Counsellor community in Johannesburg and Kerith responded by putting us in touch with a lady with oxygen tanks for home use. We managed to get the tank to her mom last night. I'm so grateful for the TC community.

Business Support

One of the Cape Town TCs went in for a back operation earlier in April this year. A few local TC's stepped in to cover for her while she recovered. We set up a team WhatsApp group and during this time we shared laughs, tears and challenges. Even though the TC is back at her desk, we have kept this group alive and the support we have given each other is immeasurable. It was particularly challenging for me to watch my beloved home province of KZN burn and hearing first-hand accounts from my friends who were fearing for their lives and businesses. This TC Community helped to keep me strong throughout it all!

International Support

South Africa has certainly gone through some challenges this past week with all the rioting and looting over and above us trying to manage our extended lockdown. The love and the care that has come from the International Community has been incredible. We have received messages from our Global CEO Steve Byrne to our Global Sales Director Jim Eastwood to our People Director Karen McCormick and to the many international Travel Counsellors and international support team who sent emails and messages of care.

As a business, we pride ourselves in our support and the community that is offered to our Travel Counsellors. It is this that differentiates us from all other businesses. In the trying times, it means that the support and care get stronger.

If you too would like to be part of the TC community, then get in touch. When faced with adversity, it can be difficult to know where to go next. At Travel Counsellors, we put people at the heart for everything we do, from a Coronavirus Hub, to the Wellness Hub, to a friendly smile, help is always at hand and right there at the end of a phone.

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