This is a very bold statement yet one that is true. This become the foundational message at Travel Counsellors 12th Conference over the 3rd - 5th of May.

The theme for this year's conference was TCX - Travel Counsellors Experience. Every day, our Travel Counsellors work hard to WOW and to delight their customers by creating personalised travel experiences that match their individual tastes and needs. Travel Counsellors make sure their customers' travel dreams come true. They help create memories that will last a lifetime. It is this that makes our customers feel special and what sets our Travel Counsellors apart. It is the reason why our customers come back time and time again and why 96% agree that they would refer Travel Counsellors to their friends and family.

In a recent TNW publication the main story told a story of doom and gloom. But this story is not shared by Travel Counsellors.

Mladen Lukic, GM of Travel Counsellors said "There has never been a better time to be a Travel Counsellor!" Unlike some other businesses, we have a complete understanding of what it takes for us to be a success. We know the direction that we need to go in to navigate each Travel Counsellor so that they can reach their goal. Success for each Travel Counsellor will look different, and we believe each TC has a future without limits.

Mladen explained that "When the 'best version of us' (aka head office support, where we know and understand what is needed) when this connects with the 'best version of you' (Travel Counsellor), then there is nobody who can match what we can do. It is then that miracles take place and this is when we create our own masterpieces.

Travel Counsellor provide all our TCS with the tools and training to help them to create their own 'masterpiece'. Overtime this support will enable each TC to become the 'Best version of Me'.

The driving force behind our business is 'care' and our customers are at the heart of everything that we do. Our business model brings the best version of each TC out, so that they can focus on providing care to each of their customers.

Our promise to our Travel Counsellors is that we will ensure that 'today' is better than our best from yesterday. We will never settle at our 'Best from yesterday' and we will always raise the bar, so that each Travel Counsellors business will get better and better.

Together we will make Travel Counsellors the most loved travel company in the world!

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