Thuli Moyo wants to create travel dreams that are authentically her.

Thuli Moyo wanted to work under a credible brand that would let her create travel dreams in a way that was "authentic and aligned with her own journey". Read on to discover her journey to becoming an owner of a travel business.

What is your background and where did you work before becoming a Travel Counsellor?

My love for travel really blossomed when I took my first overseas trip to the UK when I was 21. Travel truly opens the mind. Of course I had seen London on TV but actually experiencing a different culture ignited my curiosity - I wanted to experience more and this took me to Dubai and Malaga. I was hooked on the travel bug and went on to make my debut in the industry as a travel expert in 2016.

My passion for the industry then took me into wholesale where I learnt how to build packages, support where I helped launch remote global teams, and then procurement where I built lasting relationships with travel suppliers.

I wanted to learn as much as I could about the industry. In 2023 as I reflected on my journey in travel and 'where to' next, I felt that I was ready to return to serving the customer with all the experience that I had gained.

Tell us a little bit about yourself (family, hobbies, pets, interests, places you've travelled)

I am one half of a family of two! My son and I are what I like to call 'travel besties'. Now that he is growing more aware of the world around him, I like taking him on trips, both locally and internationally to experience different cultures. Our favourite together so far is Mauritius. Our next trip is going to be Dubai - my personal favourite!

When I am not travelling, I obsess about everything aviation. I have been an avid avgeek since I was 10 years old. Just the roar of a Rolls Royce engine overhead is enough for me to want to book my next holiday! I have also recently reignited my love for reading. There is always a biography and a fiction novel by my bedside.

What does becoming a Travel Counsellor mean for you? (Whether it’s a better work/life balance, more time with your family, being able to do more for your customers, how do you think being a TC will change your personal and work life?)

The biggest benefit of becoming a Travel Counsellor is owning my own business and truly seeing the fruits of my labour. It's about owning my success and dictating my future. The flexibility that it brings is a bonus. As a single mother, being able to make new memories with my son is so important to me. I am passionate about customer service as a whole and I am excited to build relationships with my clients as I leverage my skills, creativity and experience to help them create travel memories. Being a TC will give me the opportunity to learn and experience more in our dynamic industry. Also, what better way is there to live than to make a living off something that I am so passionate about!

What motivated you to start your own travel business?

I wanted to be my own boss! I wanted to nurture something that I was good at and experience the fruit of that labour. My family and friends always come to me for travel advice and recommendations even when I was no longer a travel agent. When I was looking for business opportunities, a friend of mine asked me if I would consider opening a travel business. That's when the lightbulb went on and I decided to pursue this business that is in line with my passion.

What are you looking forward to most about being a Travel Counsellor?

I am looking forward to making new connections. I am looking forward to the success stories. I am looking forward to the exceeded expectations and to making my customers want more. Have you set yourself any goals or milestones for what you want to achieve in your first year?

I want to be kind to myself during the first year. I want to learn as much as I can and immerse myself in establishing a solid client base as well as identify key destinations to focus on. I would like to establish my business travel portfolio and increase my experience. It is in year 2 that I really want my business to take off and grow exponentially.

Have you started planning how you will grow your business/find new customers, and if so how?

I have identified my level 1 client base as well as my golden geese. I believe my key customers and referrals will come from this group. I have already started having important intro meetings with people that will provide a regular pipeline of business. I am on the lookout for networking events that I can use as an opportunity to introduce myself as a TC. I also have a strong social media presence that I will be leveraging.

What do you love most about working in the travel industry?

I have worked in the education and insurance industries, but nothing compares to travel. It is both thrilling and challenging - a combination that I love. The industry finds itself in such defining times where travel experts really need to prove their worth. The emphasis on different 'styles' of travel that have emerged like sustainable travel are intriguing to me. I feel that now more than ever, there is something for everyone and I am excited to be a part of that.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

I have always been intrigued by Mexico. What a vibrant culture! There is so much to experience from the night museums and festivals to the beautiful beaches.

We can't wait to see Thuli's business grow!