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Travel Counsellor Moms are Superheroes

Today on Mother's Day we celebrate our TCs mom's. In true TC style, they have been holding the fort at home on all levels.

To say that the last year and a bit has been tough is an understatement! TC moms have been holding it together at home, making sure that their family are all ok. Then on the business side, TCs have worked around the clock to assist customers, offer advice and expertise and much more... Travel Counsellors have done training courses, are getting out and about doing site inspections, travelling locally themselves. Then of course sending their clients on wonderful trips around South Africa, to the Maldives, Zanzibar and the likes and making corporate travellers trips as seamless as possible.

We recognise that it hasn't been an easy time for travel professionals and especially for working mom's who have juggled many balls. The TC community has stuck together - helping one another, offering advice and offers for help, stepping in for TC buddy cover and more...

TC's are never on their own. They are supported by the head office support team in Cape Town and abroad.

Wishing all our superheroes AKA Travel Counsellor moms a very Happy Mother’s Day.

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