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Travel Counsellors 10-Week New Starter Training Programme

Travel Counsellors are never left to their own devices. There is so much help on offer to enable them to build and scale their business. They also have access to a business development coach who will work with them on a one-to-one basis. Their coach will ensure that they put the necessary business foundations in place. They will help them to overcome any challenges and encourage them as they go along.

We appreciate that there is a lot of information to take in during induction training. Induction training is a 2 week programme conducted online. The way a Travel Counsellor will work is fundamentally different to the way they will have worked when they were in a retail agency. Working in a retail agency travel agents would wait for a client to come to them with an enquiry. However, as a Travel Counsellor we teach them to get to know their customers. We help them to understand where their customers are in the buying process. We show them how to reach out to their customer at the most appropriate time. We also show them which marketing collateral is best suited an individual. So, Travel Counsellors never sit back. By being proactive Travel Counsellors are in control of the entire customer journey.

Having graduated from their 2-week induction training programme, they are given some time to settle in. New TC's completed practical tasks throughout their training to ensure that they have grasped the concepts. Then they are enrolled on a 10 week "New Starter Programme."

The TC induction team all meet up again (albeit online) and they complete their 10 week New Starter Programme together. All Travel Counsellors and the presenter use their cameras. It is always great to connect with everyone. The training is interactive with an opportunity for questions to be asked and answered.

The training covers a more advanced level of many of the topics covered during the induction training. Some of the topics covered during this time includes; practical how to's in the TC's customer relationship management system. Social Media (looking at some tips and tricks of scheduling posts, knowing what time is best to post etc.) Looking at some advanced features in our Quote&Book System, Time Management, Commercial, Networking and Referrals, Corporate Travel and so much more...

If you think that starting your own travel business could be right for you then why not get in touch. We can show you an online demo and put you in touch with a local Travel Counsellor to hear first-hand from them, about their experience as a Travel Counsellor.

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