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Travel Counsellors are a close knit community of travel experts with the DNA to care for customers.

Travel Counsellors is a global travel business with customer care at the core of our DNA. We are a close knit community of travel professionals who share a passion for travel. These friendships extend from across South Africa and across the globe too.

For many travel agents when they were self-employed and working in a retail store, they were responsible to bring in sales. They looked forward to when their client would walk through the door to make that big booking. But for many agents going for lunch or taking a quick coffee break, wasn't always as relaxing as it sounds. These travel agent was always concerned that their customer could walk in while they were away from their desk and their colleague would service them. So whilst friends, their colleagues where in competition to them.

Travel Counsellors business model protects each other’s businesses. When you are a franchisee you cannot take another TCs customer. This gives Travel Counsellors complete peace of mind. Travel Counsellors are more than happy to go above and beyond the call of duty to help one another. This help is not limited to only SA TC's helping SA TC's but extends to help from international colleagues.

Claire Booth once lent her cooler box to a UK TC customer. She dropped it off with the customer at their hotel at the Waterfront, so that they could take it on a road / camping trip.

A UK TC David Bishop (living in Edinburgh) helped SA TC Lize Roodt plan a Scottish Road trip for a customer of hers. He helped her by giving lots of helpful insights and he even offered to meet her customers for a print.

Lize has done the same for a Dutch TC Loes and helped her build a South African itinerary. She has also helped an Australian TC who had clients stuck in South Africa at the start of lockdown. The customers are safely home now.

Lize also has customers who have immigrated to the UK and if there is something that she is unable to do for them, she calls on a UK TC friend to assist her.

And there are many more stories of TC's hand-delivering documents or dropping off a small gift at a hotel for another TC's customer, meeting them at the airport... It's the small acts of kindness that create WOW moments for their customers and it is what makes Travel Counsellors stand out. For this reason customers come back time and time again to book their special trips with their Travel Counsellor.

TC's become best of friends. They connect via skype, Microsoft teams, TCTV, webinars, TC on Tour, Conferences. They have regional WhatsApp groups where they ask for ideas and advice. We have internal platforms on our intranet that can be used to connect one another and share ideas and ask advice. Travel Counsellors go on educationals together, they have coffee get togethers and many families have become great friends too. The TC Fit Group promotes staying healthy and active. Friendships are built around the conversations from these groups. During Covid-19, a 'Rate my Plate' Facebook group became a firm favourite with much banter around our dinners and what is and isn’t acceptable. Some TCs believe pineapple doesn’t belong on a pizza and our friends in the UK will have mushy peas with chips and gravy???

The camaraderie between Travel Counsellors is one of the things that makes us stand out. TC's truly care for one another and when someone goes through a hard time they reach out to each other and spread the TC love.

You will never be on your own as a Travel Counsellor and you will always be supported by a company whose values are built around Care. If you too would like to find out more about joining Travel Counsellors then please get in touch with us or sign up to attend a demo online.

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