Travel Counsellors commission split explained by Gold TC, Kerith Hulme

As a self-employed franchise owner, you will have the opportunity to curate personalised and unique travel experiences for your clients, and in turn, earn a commission on every service you sell.

Our commission structure is divided into a 60/40 split, with 60% of the commission going to you. That means Travel Counsellors’ fees are 40%, which provides you with comprehensive support and continuous investment in your business.

Kerith Hulme has been a Travel Counsellor for almost four years, and a current Gold TC. She took some time to explain what the commission split with Travel Counsellors means to her.

“A question that people often ask me is about the commission split. I wanted to take a moment to explain the way I see it. I've owned my own business since I was 18. Before I was in travel, I had another business. We had overheads every single month, no matter how much money we made that month, we had to pay out for certain things.

At Travel Counsellors, I pay a split of my commission earnings to the company to do various things for me. I actually want to list what those are. Because, when I tally all of this up and compare it to what I used to spend, splitting my commission now, is a no-brainer.

  • We have two websites with Travel Counsellors,
  • we get full software,
  • we've got a Customer Relationship Management system (CRM),
  • we get finance managed for us,
  • we have BSP managed for us,
  • our accounting is done for us,
  • our admin on a lot of levels is done for us,
  • supplier payments are done for us,
  • client payments are allocated and receipted to file. That's all done for us,
  • we get marketing and soft-touch emails,
  • we have social media assets,
  • we get business cards,
  • we have a full Brand Hub where you can personalize any branded information that you need,
  • we get e-mail signatures made for us,
  • we have tech support,
  • we have 24/7 support for us, and for our clients,
  • we have contracts negotiated for us for rates, STO rates, net rates, that kind of thing,
  • we have supplier due diligence done for us - it's for health and safety and a whole bunch of other things and financial protection that goes hand in hand with that,
  • we have IATA registration,
  • we have ASATA registration,
  • we have BEE certification,
  • we have access to mentorship and business coaching, which costs a fortune on its own,
  • we get training and roadshows,
  • we have ticketing done for us. All of our Galileo ticketing is done for us by the office,
  • we get BT reporting - the tools are incredible. What we can give to our clients is just amazing,
  • we don't have to worry about things like VAT returns because it's all done by the office,
  • we get legal done for us,
  • plus, we get a laptop!

On all of this, I pay 40% of what I've earned that month, towards all of the things on this list, when you have another business or your own business, you pay your overheads regardless of what you've earned that month so you start running into an overdraft to cover your overheads if you haven't made enough money that month, whereas here you only pay 40% of what you've made and you still get access to all of that.

It's pretty good!”

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