Travel Counsellors have the best of both worlds

Many are parents who run their own household all the while running their own travel business.

There are many benefits that our Travel Counsellors get to enjoy. These benefits include

  • Enjoying freedom and flexibility in their life
  • The ability to earn more
  • Enjoying a great work like balance
  • Being able to sell whats right for their customer (no directional selling)
  • And the list goes on...

Travel Counsellors can decide what they put into their day from servicing their clients to doing the school run. They can take their kids to extramural activities, meet friends for lunch, go to gym at off peak times... Travel Counsellors can help the kids with homework and then log on a bit later to finish up any loose ends from the day. They are still free to take any calls from a client. They can set up a TC buddy to look after their business when they are not available. No permission is required, they have the freedom to chose what they put into their day.

Our systems enable our Travel Counsellors to be able to work from anywhere - this could be at the gym or coffee shop or even on a sports field.

Travel Counsellors say goodbye to peak time daily commutes. This saves much time and they are less stressed, plus it has a positive impact on the environment.

Working from home limits the 'office interruptions!' There is no colleague sitting at your desk wanting to chat nor is there those walk in clients looking for info. Working from home enables Travel Counsellors to increase their productivity. They can also have dinner in the oven and washing in the machine all the while they are making their bookings.

Our head office support both local and international is at its best. We don't compete with our TCs. Everything that we do is to help support our Travel Counsellors to close the sale and to win more business.

At Travel Counsellors, we believe your work should fit around your life – not the other way around. You get to choose your working hours to suit your lifestyle and your customers.

A better work-life balance is one of the reasons why our Travel Counsellors say they wouldn’t return to their previous job! Their kids and partners so appreciate all that they do. They love the quality time, the extra income that comes into the family and that they have the best of both worlds. The families of every Travel Counsellor are so proud of their mom | husband and wife.

Would you like to get more out of your day? If running your own business and enjoying the benefits of freedom and flexibility in your life sounds good, then please get in touch.

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